838 Products With Rights

This has been a very popular collection of resell rights material of late. I’ve promoted bumper packages like this before, and given you a ton of ideas on how to use them.

838 Products

I’ve often toyed with making my own mega collections, but why bother when other people have already done it?

You’ll get:

  • Resell and Master Resell Rights
  • Private Label Rights
  • Private Use Rights

On a wide selection of:

  • Scripts
  • Ebooks
  • Software
  • Videos

So what do you do with all this?

Why not, for starters…

  1. Rebrand the Private Label products and use them as giveaways or low cost sales (perhaps with an affiliate program) that lead to further products from the collection as an upsell? You will find more tips on utilising the hidden  power within every PLR product in this post.
  2. Use one or more products – or even better, rebranded PLR products – to build your list? Consider using Giveaway Events, too.
  3. Use one of the videos, streaming from a webpage, to use as a “squeeze” — or even upload them to YouTube or one of the many, many video sharing sites?
  4. Simply bundle together some of these to make your own sale?
  5. Or even just promote the entire package, as I have done. It’s the lazy way to be sure, but it works.

Most people will simply download the entire collection and do nothing. Don’t be one of them – and have fun :-)

Quick DimeSale Offer

I haven’t seen a good Dimesale in a while, they were all the rage once since the longer you wait to buy, the higher the price raises. It was a good gimmick, a great “call to action” that you don’t really see outside of the IM industry.

But Greg Lloyd of DimeSale Dollars runs these all the time, so here’s a quick plug for his latest. Because for what you pay, you get an awful lot!

He’s put together a massive collection of video training packages ready for you to either watch and learn from, or profit from. Or of course – both :)

The webpage says it all, so I’d rather you spend a few minutes just browsing that, but in summary today’s offer is:

1. WordPress Advanced Training

I’m a big WordPress fan, and even though I think it’s the most user-friendly blog platform out there I think that everyone will benefit from the 10 videos here. You’ll discover interesting techniques including auto-blogging, desktop blogging, and using your RSS/Feed to your advantage.

2. Article Marketing Made Easy

Another great selection, takes you through the steps of writing (or even avoiding writing them at all) right through to publishing and getting traffic from your articles. Six videos explain it all.

3. Make the most of Hot Trends

I’ve mentioned using Trends before for targetting some quick popular searches, but these 10 videos and 44 page report show you how to put it all into action, from as little as 30 minutes a day.

Bonus: PLR Vids

Includes: 1 hr 20 mins of extras, such as Branding Videos, Live Help Desk, and more.

As I write this it’s around the $5.40 mark for the whole lot, BUT the price goes up by 5c every hour…

Remember, 100% Commissions if you promote, or some serious wealth potentional if you put what you learn into practice :)

Greg runs these sales every week. To see all past promo’s, try this link.

I’m not always a big fan of video based training, especially screen capture ones, but for some folk it works wonders. But you can’t argue about the price here – and if it even helps you one little step to getting your own blog up and running, your own article empire started, or finding your own trend-based hot niches then this is one tiny investment you can’t afford to miss.

iProfits eBook Package

For a long time, I’ve offered the iProfits Ebook Package at ProductPacks.com

It’s been a strong and consistent seller.

If you’ve never resold a package before, and if you’re very much a beginner when it comes to “Resell Rights” this is a great place to start. Here’s why:

1. This is a package of 180 full products, with webpages, and resell rights so you make all the profits.

2. It comes with an attractive salespage you can simply upload, with your own PayPal button, and so receive all the sales to your own account. This is not an affiliate program!

3. It has a salespage creator, so you don’t even have to mess with editing the files if you’re not comfortable doing so.

4. It has lifetime updates. And not like other packages, where the support and downloads dissapear after a few months. I’ve been selling this for years – and it’s constantly updated with new additions.

5. You don’t have to host the downloads page yourself. Your download page sends visitors to the iProfit Website where they can download their purchases, and a side benefit is the download page will always contain the latest package. No need to mess with updating!

This is a very useful package that makes an ideal addition to any website. Offer the iProfit Package to your own visitors or subscribers – and rake in the profit!

iProfit can be viewed at http://www.ProductPacks.com

Christmas Sale

You know… I was really trying to get away from promoting multi-sales like this. But when an offer this good comes along I have to let you know. It’s relevant to the subject matter of this blog, and it can help an awful lot of people.

This time around it’s a Christmas Sale. Nothing to do with Christmas of course, and no doubt you’ll see a lot of these over the next few weeks!

But this a good for two reasons: $9.97 (if you access today, it rises over the week) and 100% Commissions. That should satisfy the frugal, the affiliates, and the resellers/bundlers :)

Here’s a selection of the products in the quick sale. Visit the site for the complete skinny. These I think are the standout items in the collection, including techniques and processes you can put into good use.

Super Thank You Pages – great templates for your product download areas.

Niche Blogging Profits – a cool guide to start small, simple, profitable blogs.

Atomic Web 2.0 – Forget the old traffic methods, Web 2.0 is where it’s at!

Adsense Ready Niche Sites – Add them to your network

Sneaky Cost Cutters – Save on hosting, domain names, and more

Bumbling Idiot Makes $5.000 A Week – Says it all!

Local Business Fortune – Many folks succeed here, target locally

Affiliate Review Riches – Another new method, creating “review sites”

Guru Traffic Secrets – Copy the best!

There’s a lot more, as I said, including PLR, Templates and other products you can use, resell, or whatever takes your fancy.

The Christmas Sale

Using Vouchers To Increase Sales and Traffic

Although the web is new technology, many of the techniques and methods we use are simply improvements on those that are used in the “old” world of bricks and mortar stores.

For example – everything from cross-selling, to mailing lists, to promotions have been used in retail stores for decades. The web simply makes everything quicker, cheaper and simpler.

Here’s another technique that has been proven to increase sales and traffic: Vouchers!

These are a special kind of promotion. They’re very familiar to the general public – a user can exchange their voucher for money off a product, or even get a bonus or free product.

In the real world you may find vouchers for, say, 2 for the price of 1 or 50c off a product. They are used by a retailer to get people into their store. They may have a time limit, for short burst of activity. The best part is they cost very little to honour since they are rarely provided at a lost. If for example an extra 100 people use the vouchers to get a dollar off something the retailers loss in potential profits on the item are more than made up by the increased sales of that item.

To put it more simply, take this example: A retailer makes $2 profit on every book sold, and he usually sells 10 of those books a day =  $20 profit. With a voucher offer, he only makes $1 profit per book, but he sells an extra 10. That means he still sells his original 10 books for $20 profit, but increases that by the extra sales to the tune of another $10. Then of course there are the supplementary sales that can be made from the increased visitors to the store.

It’s easy to  take this to the online world. You only need a space at the order form or on the main website to enter a code.

Of course, you could have a special “sales day” where the price is already discounted, but the fact a voucher is given makes the potential purchaser feel more privileged. They see the original price at the website and feel smug with the knowledge that they, and not the general website visitor, will get a special discount. It may even urge people who would not normally buy that product to purchase – especially if they are sitting on the fence.

And – as in the real world store – it will also get more visitors, i.e. more traffic, to the site. That gives you the chance to make extra sales, give you the chance to get more people onto your mailing list, and even find new fans of your site or products.

Basically, a voucher gives people a reason to visit.

You can distribute the voucher codes however you see fit. By e-mail, promoting at other sites, or by your affiliates providing the vouchers themselves.

For an easy way to implemement vouchers try “Voucher Machine”. This desktop software enables you to create voucher codes, one-off codes, expiring codes (great to imply urgency!) and more. I have found Voucher Machine available for just $9.95 as part of a four-pack of software (it comes with Affiliate Promo Machine, Rolodex Poster and Copywriting Automator) here:

Voucher Machine and more with MRR

These come with Master Resale Rights so you can re-sell the software yourself, and you can also earn 100% commissions with the affiliate program.

Traffic Tornado Dimesale

Traffic Tornado is an excellent tips bundle that aims to help you drive as many visitors as possible to your site , promotion or link. This includes the new “750 Traffic Tips” product that was released just a week or so ago!

For just $6.95 you’ll get:

750 Traffic Tips: The full 6 Volume Package containing traffic building, site optimization, fast traffic, long-term traffic, and monetization reports.

Traffic Tidbits Pro (with the Advanced Edition!)

Traffic Dictionary A-Z

Traffic 2.0

This complete bundle is just $6.95 , availiable to download immediately while the promotion is running!

Traffic Tornado

Free Traffic From Hubpages

Want a great way to create “authority” pages on any subject/niche you like?

Try Hubpages !

This is a site originally started by ex-Microsoft employees that aims to provide quality, authoriative webpages. And Google thinks so as well – if you look at the rankings these get.

I know about this site because a great report just came out detailing how to use these Hubpages yourself to drive traffic to any site. The page below is full of traffic and search examples, so you can see how effective this can be:

Hubpages Report

This kind of reminds me of Squidoo and other such methods, but by now you’ve probably realised that Squidoo isn’t as easy to rank on as it used to be – so perhaps Hubpages are ripe for the reaping.

Anyway, this great report detailing all you need to know is currently around $3.65 (but rising) and you can earn some great commissions, too. Give it a whirl.

Click Here For The Report

105 Resell Rights Products $10

David Perdew, as part of his 31-Day Birthday Promotion, continues with his promise to offer remarkable value for money in his big Internet Marketing packs.

This one is no exception. 105 Products spread across 20 Packages all with one theme – “Resell Rights”.

So here you’ll find complete courses, tips, tutorials, tricks, software, ebooks, audios and more to help you learn and earn from Resell Rights.

At just ten bucks you can’t go wrong even if you already own some parts of this set.


Dimesale Uber-Sites

I still love Dimesales, they still work well, and my favourite sites for these are:

Dirk Wagner’s “Crazy Week” Sales

I love Dirks sales because he always comes up with amazing deals and usually with software or collections you probably haven’t seen before. This is no exception.

This week, you get some  unique “WordPress Plug-In-Profit Themes”!

That means you can build a blog – or even modify an existing one – using the widely popular and easy to use (not to mention free) WordPress Software that come complete with money-making elements.

This is currently just over $5 at:

You also get some amazing niche templates you can use to build sites dedicated to things like Ipods, Gossip, Ebay, Dating etc. Just think, a monetized Dating or Gossip Blog where all you have to do is find and add info each day and kick back and enjoy the success :)


More after the break…

Read More »

Marketing Pack x 5

You’ll get:

PLR Voodoo
The Complete Newbies Guide To Buying And Selling Books On Ebay And The WWW
Two Minutes Profits (Adwords Revealed)
The Ultimate IM Foundation (A Beginners Bible)
Viral Marketing Unleashed

At this Dimesale price (starts $5) this package is a no brainer. FIVE hot titles with master rights? Where do you go?



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