16 New Private Label Rights

I’m sure you know what PL Rights are by now – basically, you have full control even down to changing the titles and authorship details — in other words you can spin these titles around into something YOU have created. Ideal for sales, giveaways, ebay, and more and branded with anything you want.

There’s a selection of titles including :

Extreme Persuasion Secrets
Explosive Influence Tactics
Customer Tested Buying Triggers
Covert Product Selling Principles
Blockbuster Cash Secrets
Amazing Advertising Tips
… and many more.

I’m sure the titles are enough to whet your appetite!

View full details here:

You can promote this for 100% commissions. Plus 50% on the back-end. PLUS 50% on further sales from the membership site and future promotions.

These are great titles, with full rights, coupled to an amazing affiliate program. What are you waiting for?


Lazy Mans Paycheck

Stuart Stirling has a new book out called “Lazy Man’s Paycheck” for just $5.

It’s here:


You may have read books like this in the past, but if you haven’t it’s a good investment – especially at that asking price.

This is a guide all about automated income systems, about selecting affiliate programs, and creating profit-tunnels where your customers can enter your site and be carefuly `nudged` from service, to product, to mailing list and on.

But recurring income is the grand aim of all marketers and this book touches on that too, even on MLM and Network Marketing…

For five bucks you can’t go wrong. Give it a read!

Three Master Resale Rights

Not 1, Not 2 – but THREE brand new titles for just $7 (but read on).

You’ll get:

Web 2.0 Tactics
Easy Blog Traffic
and Article Marketing 101

So if you want to learn about social networking web 2.0 sites like Digg, MySpace, YouTube etc — and learn about the techniques to drive traffic and profits to your Blog — AND discover how Articles are still one of the best promotion methods around grab this.

$7… but the moment you visit the page a counter starts – and if you decide it’s not for you on this visit the price will be $14. Not sure if I like this method but all I can say is if you want a bargain it’s there for the taking…


Dominating Amazon

This is a new guide on how to make the most of Amazon’s Associate (affiliate) program.

If you’ve ever tried Amazon you’ll know they have some amazing tools for providing links, content, info boxes and graphics that will fit on any site. They are one of the first major affiliate programs ever to hit the web – and it’s pedigree shows.

But you’ll also think it’s difficult to make money here because of the low commissions…

You might be wrong. And this guide will show you why!


Just $7 today.

P.S. the page mentions Amazon UK but the techniques can work on all Amazon’s.

The Lost Traffic Saver

This is released as the new “Crazy Week” sale.

The title is not as world-changing as you’d think, essentially it’s a 404 Error Page tool.

Perhaps you’ve already replaced your error page manually (or via your host). Perhaps you have another tool that does the job. This however is more powerful, since it uses “intelligent selection” to show one of various new pages, depending on which page the visitor originally tried to get to.

If you don’t have a tool like this I’d say give it a try. It’s only around $5 now and you can get 100% Commissions.

The idea behind this is that whenever anyone lands on a page at your site that doesn’t exist – e.g. a bad link, a moved page, or a typo, then a standard, and unhelpful, “404 Error Page” is shown. With this you can replace that with your own much more useful page, perhaps showing your visitor where to go, or even promoting a product or affiliate link.

Get it here:


Frugal Friday Pack

This weeks “Frugal Friday” features not one, but TWO brand-new titles at a bargain price.

For just $5.50 right now, at…


You’ll get:

ClickGate Pro

“A simple way to create password-protected areas on your site. Ideal for protecting your files or adding members-only sections.”

The Making Of An Internet Millionaire

“A great new book teaching what it REALLY takes to succeed in the cut-throat world of Internet Marketing”.

The price is rising (it’s a dimesale) and you can earn 100% commissions, so visit here a.s.a.p !


Photo Site Script

Here we have a script that will allow you to run your own full PhotoStock site.

This is a specialised site where you provide a marketplace where sellers of stock photos, such as photographers and artists can place their images for sale — and purchasers, such as publishers, graphic designers, web designers etc can purchase them.

This packed with important features. It has full control of members, galleries, and costs, and it can even watermark images. You can set the way images are shown, it can show “latest”, “featured”, “most popular” images, you can even setup a full credit system. This is impressive!


The price is increasing at 5c per sale. You can also earn 100% commissions.

This is a great opportunity to run your own fantastic image site. Act fast and keep the cost low!


Right-Click Protection

Protect your site from the Right Click thieves!

Stop your text, graphics and download links being stolen !


Brand new software tool can protect your downloads and add a “sneaky” income/traffic stream to your site. Try it out above.

This can be incorporated into any site. As you’ll see from the example – even a “thief” can be turned to your advantage…


Internet Marketing… Ambush!

Internet Marketing… Ambush!

Watch in full glorious video as Ian Del Carmen hijacks a ton of top Marketer’s, put’s them on the spot, and steals their best ideas!. By turns, unique, serious and funny this is great entertainment as well as a learning experience.

Because people like Mike Filsaime, Ewen Chia, Edmund Loh, Tom Beal, Frank Bauer, Aurelius Tjin, James Allen, Kevin Riley, James Brown, Dylan Loh, Bob Bastian, Jahn A. and many more are, literally, “put on the spot” the truth is revealed…

This is episode 1, and hopefully we’ll see more. Enjoy!


Instant Cash Payouts

Here’s the popular “Instant Cash Payouts” that’s doing the rounds…


This is subtitled “How To Pump Out Hot Little Ebooks That Sell Like Crazy” and that about says it all.

This is a proven business model, and one that’s working well for many.

With this eBook/Course you’ll get:

The $7 Secrets Script/Book included
MP3 Audios
The Instant Cash Payouts Book

Only $7 and 100% Commissions – Grab it today!


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