Stomping The Search Engines 2: Better Than Free!

I know I said I wouldn’t mention STSE2 any more, but I couldn’t resist – because the next stage of the incredible offer is now live.

Instead of “just” getting the Stomping The Search Engines 2 DVD and a trial issue of the new “Net Effect” magazine for free, the guys are now throwing in over $10,000 worth of bonuses!

Ok. Reality Check Time. We all know these bonuses are mainly there to help sweeten the deal, and are provided for free by marketers as it’s exposure of them. It’s probably safe to say no-one in their right mind would actually pay $10,000 for this lot, either. Even though that is what it would cost were you to buy them individually. Some of these products were originally $2,000 + seminars and similiar, which is where the cost comes from. But hey – the content still rocks! In fact, many of the bonuses such as those by Rich Schefren are part of their own main businesses.

Since STSE2 is truly an awesome deal these bonuses are just the icing on the cake. If you were planning to get a copy anyway (please do!) then the extras now on offer should be a welcome gift. And if you were sitting on the fence, there’s no better time than now to take the plunge.

Remember: You only pay P&P. You get the full twin DVD pack, plus the issue of “Net Effect”. And now the bonuses!

Go to the webpage for this offer and watch the first video to see what you’ll get.

These bonuses won’t last. It’s only for the limited promotion (until Sep 15th). They all compliment the core ideals of Stompernet and mainly consist of training material you can put to choice right now.

So if you want some top-notch bonuses, on a free product, take advantage today.

Bonuses include:

Jeff Johnson’s own SEO Videos from his high-priced workshop.
Eben Pagen’s Copywriting and Persuasion training.
A Month with Ed Dale :)
Brad Callen’s Article Submitter Gold.
Shawn Casey’s Super Affiliate masterclass.
Yanik Silver’s “Underground Secret Society Dossier”

And much more. I won’t go on (watch the video for all the contents) but you should note from this quick review two main facts:

1. Stomping The Search Engines 2 is Free, apart from a small P&P. You can choose to cancel “The Net Effect” right away if that is what you wish.

2. The bonuses end on Sep 15th. These are NOT your average bundled-in ebooks. These are full courses, seminars, and training materials.

Go here for the videos, and to claim your copy.

You can read my original review here.

Stomping The Search Engines 2

A Full Review, Details and How To Get It – For Free! Bonus Included.

Stomping The Search Engines 2 is the follow up to the product that first turned the Stompernet guys (Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon) into megastars. This time around, they’ve moved on from the originals CD format and now present a full DVD – and the launch of a brand new magazine.

Four years ago Stomping 1 was perhaps the biggest selling SEO product – ever. Now, Stomping The Search Engines 2 is destined to make even more online millionaires than the original.

As the title suggests, this is about SEO – Search Engine Optimization. STSE2 details the current methods used to get your site a good ranking. After all, if you are the top result for a good keyphrase in the natural-search listings at sites like Google you can literally write your own cheque.


There are actually two DVDs because you also get a copy of the original STSE. Remember, that sold thousands of copies at $300 a time !

Once you put the DVD into your PC it will launch into a videoplayer, giving you access to all the videos in the product. It starts with an overview of the pros and cons of SEO.

There are 7 modules, 36 videos in all. The introduction section kicks off short-term tactics you can use, and a look at what they call “agressive white hat” SEO. Then it moves on to discussions of the actual technology behind the major the major search engines, before it gets to the really juicy stuff.

For example, the videos on keywords and content structure will really open your eyes to how to properly design a website destined for high rankings, as will the shows about optimizing your site content, and your site structure.

Don’t worry if all this sounds a bit techy. The presentation is easy to follow!

By the time we’ve passed through the all important linking and promotion section, we’re well on our way to become search engine guru’s ourselves :-)

The final section may be the most important: measuring results, and tweaking your site(s) to improve them. After all, we can’t remain stationary – someone else may make a play for our enviable top ranks…

This is only an overview of the video content. If you’ve ever seen any of the Stompernet videos that have circulated online, you’ll understand how professional the presentation is, and how informative. It’s information you want – so feel free to take notes, pause or rewind where neccessary, or (as I did) jot down the times of interesting sections in the videos so you can revisit.

And once you’ve watched all the videos (first time around, anyway – I’m sure you’ll revisit them) be sure to check out the resources on the DVD. You’ll find the Stompernet Directory List (an invaluable links collection) and the Keyword Strategy Guide!

Whatever your current level of expertise STSE2 will help you aim for, and achieve, those high front-page Google listings…

Stomping The Search Engines 2

Other things I’ve picked up from these videos – in no particular order:

How to avoid accidental duplicate content
What you can get penalized on by the Search Engines
“Canonicalization” of your content
Don’t use – or trust – Google’s inbound link count
Some “competitiors” may acually be good partners
Target the head – but mine the “long tail”

I could go on, I’m only dipping into a few videos to give you an overview, but you should get the idea.

The Magazine

The new publication, called The Net Effect, is included with STSE2. Remember, this is a physical product, so it’s a hardcopy, printed out professionally for you to read anywhere.

It’s an Internet Marketing magazine that goes above and beyond anything you’ve seen before. You can read it all in one go, or dip in and out – and probably be buzzing with ideas to implement.

In this first issue you’ll find a great article on the “Keyword Heist” technique, 26 Things To Test, Twittering Your Way To Traffic, and much more.

I especially enjoyed reading the Social Media Survival Guide!

This is – again – just an overview of the magazine, there’s a lot more included (“armour-piercing e-mail” anyone?) and you may find the Monthly Action Plan at the end very useful, as it brings everything you’ve learned so far together into a single-page plan to follow. My advice? Photocopy it or cut it out and stick it near your PC.

The Net Effect is designed to keep you up-to-date in the fast moving marketing and SEO world. Let’s face it, how many ebooks or websites do you actually read? Nothing beats a real “hold it in your hand” product. You’ll be looking forward to your snail mail each month :) This is an ongoing monthly journal for high-end SEO and Internet Marketing. A serious trade publication. It’s your business, your livelihood – so make sure you’ve got all the latest information to hand. Insider information from the Stompernet pro’s.

All in all Stomping The Search Engines 2 is an excellent product that is sure to benefit anyone working in the IM field today, whether they are a bedroom dabbler, or head of a company.

You already know the best part – it’s hardly a secret.


And not just the “free” you see bandied about a lot in marketing campaigns. STSE2 is a very real $497 product, and “The Net Effect” magazine is worth $39 monthly…

The cat is now out of the proverbial bag. Get over to the website and claim your copy, before the Stompernet guys come to their senses!

Stomping The Search Engines 2

The page above is a good example of the professionalism of these guys. Look at the video, read the details, and get stoked up with what you could achieve. This is not some $7 screen-capture video product. This is not some re-hashed ebook. This is a very real SEO course especially designed for Internet Marketers, the people who really know how to make their livings online.

Once you decide to order at the above link, drop me a note via the support desk and I’ll send you a free bonus — even though STSE2 is free in itself…

P.S. Because the launch was delayed slightly due to demand the Stompernet guys have promised some special bonuses themselves as a “sorry” so be sure to check the link above to see what extras you get – above and beyond the review copy I’ve looked at here!

Let The Search Engines Help You!

Traffic can come from many places. Apart from your regular visitors – perhaps fans of your site, visitors from your e-mail promotions, or contributors to your forum – those folk who find you from a search query are among the best.

These are qualified, pre-screened, visitors. They have come to your site expecting to find whatever it is they are looking for. And it’s the search engines job to match these searches with quality content.

The big search engines DO want you in their listings. Honestly – they’re not trying to exclude you, heck… they need you!

To that end they all provide various tools and guidelines to (a) ensure you meet the strict quality control and (b) ensure you are found for the right terms.


Currently, the #1 search engine by almost every ranking method known to man. Google’s help and advice can be found at their Webmaster Central.

This section of their site includes their webmaster tools, their comprehensive Analytics software, their Optimizer to help you rank better, and information on submitting content: such as products, books, rss feeds, local listings and more.

The aforementioned tools are also worth a thorough look. Here you’ll find the all important Sitemap area where you can specify what pages on your site are indexed, and view statistics on the search terms you are found for and more.


Yahoo don’t offer an all in one webmaster area like Google, but you may find these links helpful:

Add Your URL To Yahoo – unless you want a paid submission, it’s usually quicker to get crawled from a link on a already listed URL. There are, however, special areas for submitting media and mobile sites.

Site Explorer – See what pages you have listed.

Other Yahoo Links – Webmaster Guidelines, Marketing Services etc.


Despite Microsofts efforts MSN Search isn’t as popular as the other two. They do however have a useful section at their latest incarnation,

Live.Com Webmaster Tools includes validation and authentication tools, guidelines, technical support, and a webmaster forum. Typical of Microsoft this looks rather corporate and the links can be confusing, but dig around and there’s quality information there :)

Super SEO 2008 and more – $7 !

I’ve just come across an amazing package that’s being sold as a “dimesale” at just $7.

This collection contains three very useful products that can help you design and market your own website, something nearly all Internet Marketers spend a great deal of their time doing.

For your small outlay you’ll get:

Web Design For Internet Business Owners:

This is an audio guide and an book focused on designing websites with a business slant. This isn’t your usual ebook since it concentrates on important factors like font selection, site navigation, color schemes and multimedia. There are tips here that can make all the difference on that important first impression! The guide comes with resale rights and PLR rights, though you cannot pass those on.

Super SEO Guidebook 2008

This is a very thorough guide to the intricacies of Search-Engine Optimisation. If you want to rank high in Google, Yahoo!, MSN and others you need to know these basics as well as the advanced the techniques. Good SEO grows with you, and by implementing some basic strategies at the start and adding others as you go along you can have an “authority” site on a subject of your choice – by following the rules. This could be the only book you would need to own…

Super SEO Guidebook even has two useful tools included: Page Rank Ninja and Web Spider.

To round this package off there are five impressive and powerful “One Time Offer” templates you can use to quickly and easily add effective money-grabbing sales to almost any site you own. Just take the template, modify as needed, and watch the money roll in.

This package is $7 and comes with all the products above as well as some special bonuses on your thank-you page after ordering. You can even promote this for commissions, and I’m sure it can be some easy sales for you :-)

Web Design Dime Sale

Traffic Hybrid – Save $10 !

Note: The following link saves you $10 on the price of the new “Traffic Hybrid” System. Instead of paying $27 for this valuable and profitable information, you’ll only pay $27. This discount will appear once you click the order button – ignore the salespage which lists the original price.

Traffic Hybrid is a new system that literally mixes and matches the worlds of paid and free traffic. It’s the best of both worlds.

It’s Fast, Scalable, Lazy, Stable, Sustainable and … SAFE

This system involves getting other people to post on your industry forums, but with your links. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that – which is why you’ll need this guide for this unique and highly interesting system.

This guide is literally jam packed with information on finding the biggest and best forums, posting to them correctly, formatting and writing your “sig” files, and actually getting other people to the legwork for you!

It’s not often something comes along with a neat twist like this marvelous guide. And for $17 (with my discount link) you can’t go wrong.

Traffic is everything in this business: grab your share!

Traffic Hybrid System

Discount Link

Seven Top SEO Tips

// SEO is essential for your business if you want to ensure that people who use the search engines, in effect everyone online, can find your site. A top ranking virtually guarantee your site is a success.

Here’s Seven Top Tips on achieving that.

1. First you need to know your Keywords. That means you must brainstorm, and work out what words people will use to find your site. You can also “cheat” and monitor your competitors sites to find out what keywords they use!

2. Keywords should be sprinkled liberally throughout your text, in your TITLE tag, in your DESCRIPTION, and if possible even in your DOMAIN NAME and PATH. You can also put them in the ALT images of any graphics on the page and in the filenames of other elements such as pictures and downloads. Don’t overdo it though as you can get penalised for using too many. And make sure your page is human-readable. All to often people can get over zealous and the resulting prose is a little mind bending :)

3. A good linking strategy means you have a number of other sites linking to yours. If possible, use anchor text so that the link itself uses your keywords: E.G. “Fly Fishing” linking to – but again don’t overdo it , vary the links.

There are a number of ways to get links. You can swap links with other relevant sites (a two-way link) even though a one-way is considered a higher value by the search engine. You can include your link wherever you can post comments (such as relevant Blogs). You can write Articles that include your link (which will appear in directories and on other sites). You can submit your link to special indexes, and you can even pay for links which is technically frowned upon by the search engines. A link from an authority site carries immense weight to yours.

If you can, also try to get links direct to sub-pages within your site. This is known as Deep Linking and can help your efforts.

4. Don’t forget to include a Site Map. This can be as simple as a HTML page listing all the links at your site, to a full XML map that is submitted directly to Google. There are many free solutions to automatically create these XML Sitemaps.

5. Try to keep the code at your site clean. Software such as Word will create very convoluted HTML code for the webpage, other tools fare better. The cleanest code will always be created if you do things the hard way – by hand!

6. Age is a strong indication of a quality site. If you don’t have the patience to work on your own long-term project there is a shortcut: Buy an existing site or even just buy an expired domain name.

7. Avoid duplicate content at your site. If you use third party articles, try to modify them to fit your site. And if you actually write the articles, keep a different one for your own site to the one you pass on to others.

Special Offer:

Heres a comprehensive guide to Search Engine Optimisation and it’s a great one-stop guide that covers everything from linking, tagging and domain names to tracking and more.

If you still need that first-page result on Google and other engines a good SEO Strategy is a must. And this book will help you achieve that.

All the techniques in this 156 page book are proven (and legal) and they’re the best way to get a high ranking and drive traffic to your site.

The Geeks Guide To SEO – ONLY $7 !

FREE: Web Marketers Traffic Course

Courtesy of you can now download this comprehensive guide to generating traffic – for Marketers. Discover how to promote, advertise, and drive those visitors to your website!

Traffic is everything for marketers. Essentially, traffic=sales. So if you’re not generating enough hits – read this.

This comes with full Master Resale Rights.

Download Here

New Monday Madness Dimesale

At “Monday Madness” Sharlene is offering:

i. Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed
(An Internet Marketing “Manual”)

ii. Basic Strategies to Search Engine Optimisation
(REAL Tried and Tested Search Engine Techniques)

iii. How To Create Your Own Video Product
(The easy way to create a high-value video product)

Starting at $5 for all three, this is a great bargain!

Traffic Every Day

“Traffic Every Day” from Wes Blaylock is a true step-by-step Blueprint to driving tons of traffic to your site(s)…

These are techniques Wes uses himself every day, so they’re time-proven and straight from the horses mouth.

Wanna know the Search Engine Tactic that actually works? Check!

Wanna discover how Wes pulled in $60,000, 8000 subscribers and 3,100 customers with only 3 days work? Check!

In fact you’ll find tons of useful tips and strategic techniques here you can use each and every day.

As a bonus Wes is also giving you a copy of his “100% Commission” software which means you can also launch traffic and sale hungry offers like this yourself, which in fact also pays you 100% commissions itself!

This is very affordable, but it’s a Dimesale so the price is rising. Take advantage now…

“PR 38″ Backlinks ?

Dirks new Crazy Week sale is pretty unusual. It’s a product that can help you get an astonishing level of good Backlinks (the KEY to high search engine rankings) to your site!

Of course, there’s no such thing as PR38 – the highest “Page Rank” level is 10, but the idea is your links are spread across tons of high ranking websites. In fact, it’s now really “PR120″ :-)

There are many other features included, including an RSS Robot, automated website registration and domain setip, among others.

This is an advanced Social Linking Robot that can really help you find those elusive top 10 ranking spots. I’m still playing with it but I can say so far I’m impressed.

Only $5 – right here:

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