7 Deadly SEO Mistakes

This a free course from the Stompernet team – delivered via e-mail.

7 Deadly SEO Mistakes

I’ll be upfront here: this is, of course, promoting Stompernet but that doesn’t mean the course isn’t worth getting. Stompernet knows SEO!

I’ve posted before about the “LSI” video you can see, and how to “reverse engineer” (or at least figure out for yourself) how Google ranks sites, and you can still see it from the URL linked above.

In fact, along with the 7 Day e-course you’ll get access to 3 quality and relevant videos. All are well worth studying.

If you don’t want the Stompernet Stomping The Search Engines product don’t worry, there’s no pressure, but it is worth considering the trial at least :)

Free One Way Backlinks

Here’s a free guide that shows you how to get smart, safe, and clever with your linking strategies.

Smart And Safe Backlinks

(It’s a PDF file, so right-click if you want to download it).

This guide comes from the amazing Free Traffic System site, where you can get hundreds of one-way links to your site, for free!

Since this uses some advance techniques, it’s something I’m testing right now – but by all accounts it works well.

This is not a link farm, or any type of scam, since you submit articles you’ve written to the site which in turn gets that article published across member blogs. You can specify “spun” text within the article, as well as rotating titles,links and link-titles, so each article is different on each blog it is published on. This avoids the duplicate content trap.

If you want to publish these articles, that is also possible – and you’ll get a steady flow of quality articles to your site.

It really takes a few minutes to set up and submit your first article, with perhaps a few more to start adding rotated/spun sections to ensure uniqueness. As I said, it’s totally free to use and join this service – and anything that can help your traffic and ranking has got to be good :)

The Free Traffic System

* It is an affiliate link, and I’ve left it plain, so you can see I have nothing to hide. If you want to join and become an affililate yourself it works on two tiers and helps you get even more backlinks.

Update: I’ve looked into this a little more and it seems it provides the same service that many PAID linking tools do. My first article is already submitted, and as soon as I see it published across the web I’ll give you an update with how well it is doing. I haven’t targetted links yet – just linking back to this blog – but I can see how powerful this could be if you needed to rank a certain site or link for a keyphrase. If you do join, consider promoting via their affiliate program. I don’t know what kind of sites will be linking back (yet) but even if they are low ranked, a link is a link. It seems legal enough, nothing black-hat about it, so everything should be fine at the search engine end.

Blog Carnivals, Traffic, and Backlinks

Ever heard of Blog Carnivals?

They are collections of like minded blogs, all within the same niche or subject area. It’s a series of posts from participating blogs compiled into one post – and that super-post is called a carnival.

What it means for you is traffic and backlinks!

Blog Carnivals also work to bring together everyone within a particular field. It allows people to network, or simply discover each other. If you have an interest in this field a blog carnival is a great way to see a whole collection of articles and information about that field, as well as the blogs who provide it.

Carnivals can work in many ways. Sometimes, it is all down to one person who seeks out the relevant blogs and posts and compiles them. Sometimes they actively ask for submissions to be included.

You can think of somewhat as a magazine. The organiser is the publisher, and you are the contributor. The time and date of publication is set in advance, and you can submit your articles/posts up to then. When accepted, it means a ready source of traffic to you – and a valuable backlink.

The main site on the net for carnivals is BlogCarnival.com. Here you’ll find a catalog of carnivals, which you can look through and join any you fit in with. Submit your blog/post, and away you go!

Remember – you don’t have to simply join a carnival. There’s nothing stopping you hosting one, too. There’s one obvious benefit in that each blog who submits a link should link to you too, as part of the reciprocal deal. The big downside is that it can take a lot of work to read all the submissions and organise the event. Popular carnivals get literally hundreds of submissions!

Blog Carnivals can be fun, worthwhile endeavours, so please – provide quality content, do what the organiser asks, and do not spam…

Carnival SubmitterIf you want to save time submitting to blog carnivals there’s a neat piece of software called Carnival Submitter that will do the work for you. If you want a ton of traffic to your blog, simply fire up the software, and start submitting. You can even multiply your efforts and submit many articles to many carnivals all at once. This can result in a lot of backlinks, from authority sites, and instant traffic, as well as brand yourself to the people who matter most – your peers. Download Carnival Submitter today and enjoy the fruits of blog carnivals, without the hard work.

More From The Blogosphere

Here’s another semi-regular feature with a selection of posts from other blogs that deal with Internet Marketing strategies.

Please – Don’t just stop at the posts I’ve selected. These are great blogs one and all, and have a lot of experience and knowledge to share. Take a look around, and subscribe/comment if you like what you see :-)

The Bugs Bunny Guide to Link Building (!)

Split Testing WordPress Blogs with Analytics

10 Books about Blog Marketing

59 Things You Should Be Doing, But Aren’t

The Ultimate “Do Follow” Blog List!   (Look at his “Link Lists” too)

11 Marketing Skills that should be second nature

Are you sure you have a great website?  (From Internet Marketing Sucks)

5 Tips For Better Blog Posts

Tips For Improving Your Blogs Image

PPC Web Spy – Free

This is Brad Callens new software that let’s you spy on anyones Adwords ads – in real time!

You can use this to see what keywords and ads are being used by the top sites on the net, and then use that invaluable data as the basis for your own. And then, of course, beat them at their own game :)

If you use Adwords this is a must have tool to sneak up on your competitors. But it can also be used for all kinds of marketers, such as Affiliate Marketers, to discover what keywords you must be targetting.

You can get a fully functional version of PPC Web Spy free from:

PPC Web Spy

The 10 Day Traffic Blueprint

Right after I posted yesterdays Dimesale, saying I haven’t seen them for a while, here comes another!

This time it’s Wes Blaylock’s 10 Day Traffic Blueprint. I love Wes’s work in general, since it’s always clear and to-the-point. No fluff, no bull – just honest information and stuff you can put to use immediately.

This is no exception. In a clear day by day system you are shown how to generate traffic for any site. Along the way you’ll learn many insider tips and tactics, such as leveraging your traffic, duplicating your efforts, and piggybacking bigger sites.

You’ll find out everything from SEO to JVs and setting up your website. This is an excellent course / book for anyone who runs a website and needs traffic – so that pretty much means most of the people reading this.

There are even two excellent bonuses included: Wes’s own “3 Step SEO” and a copy of the Blackbelt Click Tracking tool.

As I said, this is a Dimesale. At the time of writing it’s just launched so it’s just over $5 – but as time goes on this is rising as 5c every 30 minutes. Act fast for the best deal!

10 Step Traffic System

PS. As it’s a Dimesale, it also offers 100% Commissions for your referrals…

PPS. If you like Wes’s work, also check here.

Traffic Techniques Master List

I’ve updated the Traffic Tips page at this site, so it’s in the new design and re-written. This is basically my master sheet of traffic generation methods. It’s every method that works, all on one page.

So if I get asked “How Do I Promote My Site” again, I can just point that person right there.

Seriously, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about driving traffic to your site. Although there are a myriad of more specific techniques, such as those that work for one specific service, or those that work for one obscure niche everything really falls into one of the categories here:

Traffic Tips

I’ve kept that page as clean and informative as possible and I’ll update as the need arises, so if you want to point your visitors somewhere for traffic tips, consider mine (hint).

I was going to make that into a blog post, but that would bring all of the rest of the blog (sidebars, etc) with it. And I really wanted it to be clean and quick loading for those that need it.

Traffic Tip: Pagerank

Having your own blog is a wonderful way to generate traffic. A simple wordpress installation gives you a platform on which to build a content site. Google loves blogs.

Just writing content will over time give you traffic. You can also help this process, by pinging blog directories so they know about this content. You can also write specifically with a view to getting even more traffic – such as writing for popular search-terms, courting controversy, and writing about topical news. You will also find yourself getting traffic for terms you are not even targeting.

However, other factors determine where your content will rank. The major one is “Pagerank” – which is at the heart of Google. This is a way in which it ranks websites. Every link to your site counts as a vote, and links from sites that have a high pagerank themselves will weigh more heavily in your favor.

Note that targeting popular search terms is not always the best solution. You are unlikely to rank high for the term “Credit Card” for example, because of the competition. It is far better to target a large number of less-popular search terms rather than focus on one or two of the most heavily used. So – in this example – a terms such as “Credit Card Interest Rates” or “HSBC Visa Card” would be better options. These are sometimes called “Long Tail” searches, in reference to the shape of the graph plotting these results.

To show up high in the results for “Credit Card Interest Rates” you should write posts with that term in the title, description, and content. WordPress or your blog software will handle the rest – with the actual page address also including that term. You need to enable “Pretty Links” in WordPress to do this, otherwise the page address will have a much less useful name such as www.yourblog.com/?p=100

So you have the content, targeting terms used by your niche – it’s time to get back to Pagerank.

As we discussed Pagerank is counted by links to your site. Therefore it makes sense to get as many links to your site as humanly possible.

Don’t overdo it. If you grow your links too quickly, Google will penalise you. This is because if it happened naturally your links would grow slowly, over time. Here’s some tips on getting linked to:

1. Interesting content will get linked by other blogs. Unfortunately, the other blogs have to be aware of this content in the first place. It’s a circle: the more popular you are, the more you will get linked. One way to kickstart the process is to actively promote your content yourself – at least when starting out. The social networks are ideal for the process.

2. Proactively get these links yourself. You can post comments on other blogs, post in forums, write in guestbooks, create content at other sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages and even build secondary blogs that are remotely hosted – at wordpress.com, blogger.com and typepad.com for example. Some blogs use a special attribute in their links called “nofollow” which means you get no pagerank credit at those sites.

3. Use “Trackbacks”. This is where you link to other blogs, and once those blogs notice you have done so your link gets shown at the original post.

4. Use Linkbait. This is a method where you deliberately write about controversial subjects in the hope that it sparks an interest at other blogs, who then link to you. Gossip and rumours work well, as does news if you are the first in your niche to post that news.

5. Use press releases. Many places monitor press releases for relevant content in their niche and then post and link to that news from their own sites. A new product release, a human-interest story, or simply “news” in the real sense of the word can become a press release. You need to write in a specific style for this.

6. Write articles. This can benefit your pagerank in a number of ways, but you should ensure your link is clickable in the article. Submit that article to the major article directories and you will get a pagerank boost from the directory itself, as well as from any other sites that go on to syndicate that article. Google will penalise duplicate content, so if you use the article at your own site consider rewording it for distribution.

7. Use Anchor Text in your links. This can greatly influence your pagerank: instead of simply linking to netpreneurnow.com for example, have the text “Internet Marketing” linking to netpreneurnow.com – so it would be Internet Marketing and not NetpreneurNow.com even though both lead to the same destination.

8. The age of a site also has weight in regards to pagerank. The older your site, the higher it is valued by Google. This also transfers to links from other sites, so links from older sites to yours are valued more. Age isn’t really something you can influence – but it is possible to buy expired domains that in effect are already aged. Whether or not they retain their pagerank after you reuse or recycle them is another matter.

9. Favour one-way incoming links – this basically means if Site A links to yours, but you don’t link back, it is worth more. The thinking behind this is that for a site to link to you the content must be useful, but if it links to you and you to them it may be a simple link trade, and therefore not as valuable.

It’s worth remembering that Pagerank is just one way to influence your search engine rankings, but it is probably the most important. And all those tips will also generate direct traffic as well from people who click your link, so you get two traffic sources for the price of one :)

A search engines overall goal is to provide a searcher with the content they are seeking. There’s no point trying to cheat the results, but with a little knowledge of how a search engine works you can certainly influence them. All of Googles ranking algorithms are simply an attempt to automate the process of deciding which are quality sites, and which are not. The process isn’t perfect – but it works.

Traffic Tip: Download Sites

Most people are aware of the major ways to drive traffic to their sites.

The biggest and perhaps best source of traffic is the Search Engines, so SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is always an issue. Then there is writing articles, promotion via forums and blog commenting, feeds, and social networking.

But there are other lesser used methods. One is using Download Sites.

To use a download site to drive traffic you must have a product, an application or software program, to put there. Luckily you don’t need to know how to program. You can compile an eBook or create a simple tool using something like Software Maker.

Then you only need to submit that tool to major directories such as:


You can promote your website directly in your application, and even require “registration” if you wish to collect e-mails for your list.

More traffic tips soon!

Credit where credits due: I extrapolated this tip from this post in the Warrior Forums.

Stomping The Search Engines 2: Better Than Free!

I know I said I wouldn’t mention STSE2 any more, but I couldn’t resist – because the next stage of the incredible offer is now live.

Instead of “just” getting the Stomping The Search Engines 2 DVD and a trial issue of the new “Net Effect” magazine for free, the guys are now throwing in over $10,000 worth of bonuses!

Ok. Reality Check Time. We all know these bonuses are mainly there to help sweeten the deal, and are provided for free by marketers as it’s exposure of them. It’s probably safe to say no-one in their right mind would actually pay $10,000 for this lot, either. Even though that is what it would cost were you to buy them individually. Some of these products were originally $2,000 + seminars and similiar, which is where the cost comes from. But hey – the content still rocks! In fact, many of the bonuses such as those by Rich Schefren are part of their own main businesses.

Since STSE2 is truly an awesome deal these bonuses are just the icing on the cake. If you were planning to get a copy anyway (please do!) then the extras now on offer should be a welcome gift. And if you were sitting on the fence, there’s no better time than now to take the plunge.

Remember: You only pay P&P. You get the full twin DVD pack, plus the issue of “Net Effect”. And now the bonuses!

Go to the webpage for this offer and watch the first video to see what you’ll get.

These bonuses won’t last. It’s only for the limited promotion (until Sep 15th). They all compliment the core ideals of Stompernet and mainly consist of training material you can put to choice right now.

So if you want some top-notch bonuses, on a free product, take advantage today.

Bonuses include:

Jeff Johnson’s own SEO Videos from his high-priced workshop.
Eben Pagen’s Copywriting and Persuasion training.
A Month with Ed Dale :)
Brad Callen’s Article Submitter Gold.
Shawn Casey’s Super Affiliate masterclass.
Yanik Silver’s “Underground Secret Society Dossier”

And much more. I won’t go on (watch the video for all the contents) but you should note from this quick review two main facts:

1. Stomping The Search Engines 2 is Free, apart from a small P&P. You can choose to cancel “The Net Effect” right away if that is what you wish.

2. The bonuses end on Sep 15th. These are NOT your average bundled-in ebooks. These are full courses, seminars, and training materials.

Go here for the videos, and to claim your copy.

You can read my original review here.

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