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Dirk Wagner has released a new “Crazy Deal” today which is only $5 at the time of writing this.

The new package is “Site Searcher” – which will let you copy the keywords used by your competing sites.

For example, if you want to find out how the top sites in your niche are ranking, just do a search to find out which sites are ranked highest, and use Site Searcher to see exactly what Keywords they are using. Then you simply copy them :-)

The price is rising on this, and you can also earn 100% Commissions.


Page Timers

A new site called “Page Timers” has launched, and it’s product is something pretty unique. During launch they’re even offering 100% Commissions.

This will let you specify a unique series of webpages for everyone who visits your site. It’s like an autoresponder – for web pages…

Using this script a visitor will see the same sequence of pages, no matter when they visit. For example, if someone vists today they could see a different page everytime they come back. Ideal for running offers, an online course, or just to vary the page the visitor sees.

This can help make your site “sticky”. You could tell your visitorr, for example, the next lesson is ready each day and they only need to visit the homepage to see it.

This is simple and easy to set up.

For more information please visit:

* You can earn 100% commissions on this product…


The Ultimate Guide To Free Traffic

This is a pretty thorough look at the many sources of free traffic you’ll find on the web today.

Believe it or not, you can generate hits in the thousands to websites of your choice, using only sources. This book shows you how.

Ultimate Guide To Free Web Traffic

This is Volume 1 of the new “Online Profits” series and includes such gems as:

How To Create That Initial Traffic Flow
White Hat Techniques that *work*
4 Places You Might Actually “leak” visitors
The Best Method For Viral Traffic
Using Online Stores To Be An “Authority”
A Simple Strategy for Doubling (or Tripling) existing Hits
… and much, much more!

This is a 70 Page Info-Packed PDF – Download Immediately

Free Web Traffic

As with all DimeSales, the price is rising (it’s around $6 right now) and you can earn 100% Comms.


(FREE) Internet Marketing Training Videos

This is an awesome free site.

Around 50 free Videos teaching you stuff like

How To Get A Domain Name and Hosting
Setting Up Email Accounts
Basic Tools
Write HTML and Design Websites
Publish Your Own Ezine
Accept Credit Card Payments
Affiliate Marketing
Search Engine Secrets
Creating Ebooks

…and much more!

All this is free of charge, all you need to do is sign up here:

Free Marketing Training Videos



Same List, More Profits DVD

Keith Wellman and Gary Ambrose are no strangers to list building, and recently they held an exclusive workshop on the topic of “How To Earn More Profit From Your Email List” – which cost almost a thousand dollars to attend…

Luckily for you they recorded the whole thing…

And you can now get it, on DVD, from $2 !

This is the new NickleMania X. Although the price is around $2 right now it will rise with every sale.

In the DVD Gary and Keith discuss how you can make more money from your existing list, how to increase your “conversion rate”.

Marketers are starting to struggle with their email lists. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. The industry is changing, but if you are using the right techniques there’s no reason why you should suffer.

List size isn’t an issue (e.g. 94 people list made $6,081, a 3,800 strong list $24,000). Strategy is. You NEED this DVD!

At this price it’s a no-brainer. A real, physical DVD delivered to your door for $2 + S&H ? It’s a steal!

Secure your copy of “Same List, More Profits” today and learn the real power behind an email list.

(You can even earn 100% Commissions on this)


Ranking Accelerator

“Ranking Accelerator” is a cool tool that enables you to build content-based Blogs fast.

The main reason for doing this is to help with your Search Engine rankings, and drive more traffic to your site.

This is a very useful piece of software that can automatically build content blogs for almost any niche.

You can secure your copy from $5 right here:

This is a Dimesale, so the price is rising.


Traffic Isn’t Hard

Traffic is everything, yet people seem to have trouble generating it. It can be a stumbling block. It’s not difficult to drive traffic – but it does take time. Shortcuts, such as automated submission software, can help but there’s nothing like doing it the old fashioned way.

To get traffic, you have to make your site visible. Get linked from as many sources as possible!

Basic SEO rules include having keyword-optimised content on your site, spread across multiple pages if possible and all linked together. Don’t forget to submit that Sitemap to Google. If you have the cash and the self-discipline use Pay Per Click with Google and others. You should also submit your site to the various “social” sites such as, Digg, Furl, and Stumble Upon.

That’s just common sense. It’s no secret – a scattershot method will work. Other places include eBay, MySpace, CraigsList, Youtube (for video), (for software), (for scripts), and of course the old standby – articles (post to the big article sites such as but beware the duplicate content trap).

With all this, especially if you’re using Pay Per Click or Articles, direct your visitors to a landing page. The landing page should have only one option for the visitor, be it to move on through the process or sign up to something. Some useful info here:

How To Build Landing Pages (ARTICLE)

Finally add links wherever you can, either by asking for link trades directly, posting to other peoples blogs, submitting testimonials, or reviews. You can even post reviews to sites such as Amazon or the various “Consumer” sites. Go wild, have fun, and keep at it. Traffic will follow!

Tip #1: If possible, track the various sources using coded links or alternate URL’s. That way you can see what works and what (at the moment) doesn’t.

Tip #2: If you can use anchored links, i.e. where the link text and the link URL are different, do so – for your keywords. Also use your Keywords worked in to the text for reviews, posts, comments, testimonials, etc. But do it cleverly so it reads well to a human :)


How I Got 1296 Members…

“How I Got 1296 Active Members To A Brand New Membership Site in 44 Days, Starting From Scratch!”

This is a brand new report from Chris Lockwood detailing the full process to how he’s built a subscriber list and membership to a new members site.

This is in depth information on a highly important topic.

Chris is selling the report for just $9 but only until April 15th, and you can also promote for 100% Commissions.

More details here:


Marketing On Google

Have you noticed how big Google has become over the years? We’re all familiar with Search Engine, most of us use it daily, but have you ever tried using Google’s supplemental services in your business?I’m talking about Google’s other side, such as Google News, Google Checkout, Google Base, and much more.

If you want to get your site indexed FAST, and you want to take advantage of the extra sales and traffic from the other areas of this behemoth, you might like to read “Marketing On Google For Newbies” from Jinger Jarret…

This is just $7 and comes with 100% Commissions. It’s a unique book, covering areas I haven’t noticed before – and it’s really got my imagination fired.

Grab it today!


The Worlds Shortest Marketing Guide

Just for fun, and just to show how simple to core concepts are, I’ve written The World’s Shortest Marketing Guide, which covers most of the topics within the “Internet Marketing” umbrella in just a sentence each. This is meant to show you how to cut through the lies and exagerations that plague this industry… it really is this simple!

1. How To Make Money Online

-> Create or find an in demand product or service, and ensure potential purchasers find it.

2. How To Optimise Your Site For Search Engines

-> Ensure your webpages have content built around the keywords your potential visitors would use to find you, and make sure they are linked from other sites including search engines, blogs, social sites and directories.

3. How To Build A Mailing List

Read More »

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