Traffic Hybrid – Save $10 !

Note: The following link saves you $10 on the price of the new “Traffic Hybrid” System. Instead of paying $27 for this valuable and profitable information, you’ll only pay $27. This discount will appear once you click the order button – ignore the salespage which lists the original price.

Traffic Hybrid is a new system that literally mixes and matches the worlds of paid and free traffic. It’s the best of both worlds.

It’s Fast, Scalable, Lazy, Stable, Sustainable and … SAFE

This system involves getting other people to post on your industry forums, but with your links. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that – which is why you’ll need this guide for this unique and highly interesting system.

This guide is literally jam packed with information on finding the biggest and best forums, posting to them correctly, formatting and writing your “sig” files, and actually getting other people to the legwork for you!

It’s not often something comes along with a neat twist like this marvelous guide. And for $17 (with my discount link) you can’t go wrong.

Traffic is everything in this business: grab your share!

Traffic Hybrid System

Discount Link

Free Traffic From Hubpages

Want a great way to create “authority” pages on any subject/niche you like?

Try Hubpages !

This is a site originally started by ex-Microsoft employees that aims to provide quality, authoriative webpages. And Google thinks so as well – if you look at the rankings these get.

I know about this site because a great report just came out detailing how to use these Hubpages yourself to drive traffic to any site. The page below is full of traffic and search examples, so you can see how effective this can be:

Hubpages Report

This kind of reminds me of Squidoo and other such methods, but by now you’ve probably realised that Squidoo isn’t as easy to rank on as it used to be – so perhaps Hubpages are ripe for the reaping.

Anyway, this great report detailing all you need to know is currently around $3.65 (but rising) and you can earn some great commissions, too. Give it a whirl.

Click Here For The Report

Seven Top SEO Tips

// SEO is essential for your business if you want to ensure that people who use the search engines, in effect everyone online, can find your site. A top ranking virtually guarantee your site is a success.

Here’s Seven Top Tips on achieving that.

1. First you need to know your Keywords. That means you must brainstorm, and work out what words people will use to find your site. You can also “cheat” and monitor your competitors sites to find out what keywords they use!

2. Keywords should be sprinkled liberally throughout your text, in your TITLE tag, in your DESCRIPTION, and if possible even in your DOMAIN NAME and PATH. You can also put them in the ALT images of any graphics on the page and in the filenames of other elements such as pictures and downloads. Don’t overdo it though as you can get penalised for using too many. And make sure your page is human-readable. All to often people can get over zealous and the resulting prose is a little mind bending :)

3. A good linking strategy means you have a number of other sites linking to yours. If possible, use anchor text so that the link itself uses your keywords: E.G. “Fly Fishing” linking to – but again don’t overdo it , vary the links.

There are a number of ways to get links. You can swap links with other relevant sites (a two-way link) even though a one-way is considered a higher value by the search engine. You can include your link wherever you can post comments (such as relevant Blogs). You can write Articles that include your link (which will appear in directories and on other sites). You can submit your link to special indexes, and you can even pay for links which is technically frowned upon by the search engines. A link from an authority site carries immense weight to yours.

If you can, also try to get links direct to sub-pages within your site. This is known as Deep Linking and can help your efforts.

4. Don’t forget to include a Site Map. This can be as simple as a HTML page listing all the links at your site, to a full XML map that is submitted directly to Google. There are many free solutions to automatically create these XML Sitemaps.

5. Try to keep the code at your site clean. Software such as Word will create very convoluted HTML code for the webpage, other tools fare better. The cleanest code will always be created if you do things the hard way – by hand!

6. Age is a strong indication of a quality site. If you don’t have the patience to work on your own long-term project there is a shortcut: Buy an existing site or even just buy an expired domain name.

7. Avoid duplicate content at your site. If you use third party articles, try to modify them to fit your site. And if you actually write the articles, keep a different one for your own site to the one you pass on to others.

Special Offer:

Heres a comprehensive guide to Search Engine Optimisation and it’s a great one-stop guide that covers everything from linking, tagging and domain names to tracking and more.

If you still need that first-page result on Google and other engines a good SEO Strategy is a must. And this book will help you achieve that.

All the techniques in this 156 page book are proven (and legal) and they’re the best way to get a high ranking and drive traffic to your site.

The Geeks Guide To SEO – ONLY $7 !

FREE: Web Marketers Traffic Course

Courtesy of you can now download this comprehensive guide to generating traffic – for Marketers. Discover how to promote, advertise, and drive those visitors to your website!

Traffic is everything for marketers. Essentially, traffic=sales. So if you’re not generating enough hits – read this.

This comes with full Master Resale Rights.

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Millionaire Traffic System

I’d like to show you Jo Han Mok’s “Millionaire Traffic System”, now half-price!

This is a fully online video product. With your membership you’ll get access to 14 powerful videos that share 21 awesome traffic tips.

. How to legally and ethically spy on your competiton
. How to avoid the #1 blogging mistake
. 4 niche traffic generators most marketers know nothing about
. Secret Blog hacks, and the true way to “affiliate blog”
, forum marketing, ebay marketing, traffic magnets…
. and much much more!

Firesale News

There are two massive Firesales running right now. They’ve been promoted by so many marketers that in fact you’ve probably already either decided to purchase or not as the case may be.

But if you somehow haven’t seen this or you’re sitting on the fence here’s the details:

1. The “SendUsTo.Us” Firesale:

Details: This is only running for seven days so you better decide if you want it.

You’ll get 100 Master Resale Rights products for $37 at launch, then $47 thereafter. That’s 37c to 47c per product!

There’s tons of great stuff here. If you don’t believe go visit the site: Most of this is being sold elsewhere on the net for MORE than this entire package…

Don’t delay if you want the discount .


2. The “Hot Summer Blowout” Sale

This has `only` 50+ Master Resale Products (never thought I’d be saying only for that amount!) but has some serious good software in there.

If you’ve already taken a look, visit again. Some new additions there that may tip you over the edge.

It’s $47 for this collection, around $1 per product. It’s worth comparing this to the previous sale as it seems (IMHO) quality is over quantity on this one.

This site has some unique products, including the massive “Barking” video courses 😀 in fact, MANY *premium* titles.

I don’t know if $47 and $37 will seem a high price to you in todays world of seven-buck sales and dimesales but if you think back that was the normal going rate for just single ebooks. Big ticket items today go for $299-$1499. If you factor in the “47c per product” once broken down this is really a no-brainer.

And don’t get me started on how much a real-world business would cost you…

Just trying to put this price into perspective. If one product in either of these packages could make you even a $100 then you’re laughing.

Download today. Run your own dimesales and $7 sales. Pack them into bundles. Resell seperately. Use to drive traffic from giveaways and ebay. There’s so many uses for quality resale-right products you’ll can literally turn these into thousands of bucks with the right approach…

Traffic Every Day

“Traffic Every Day” from Wes Blaylock is a true step-by-step Blueprint to driving tons of traffic to your site(s)…

These are techniques Wes uses himself every day, so they’re time-proven and straight from the horses mouth.

Wanna know the Search Engine Tactic that actually works? Check!

Wanna discover how Wes pulled in $60,000, 8000 subscribers and 3,100 customers with only 3 days work? Check!

In fact you’ll find tons of useful tips and strategic techniques here you can use each and every day.

As a bonus Wes is also giving you a copy of his “100% Commission” software which means you can also launch traffic and sale hungry offers like this yourself, which in fact also pays you 100% commissions itself!

This is very affordable, but it’s a Dimesale so the price is rising. Take advantage now…

Massive Birthday Package (Don’t Miss!)

You’ve probably seen multi-sales like this before, but wait – just check out their URL:

There’s a great collection there ready to be grabbed and used!

10 PLR Books,
6 PLR Reports,
The PLR Dozen,
Optin Rotator
and even the full Resell Rights Boot Camp !

An amazing package, and that little list is just the start.

I urge you to check the site and see what’s there. I’m sure you’ll love what you’ll see.

The price is rising but should still be low when you see this. My advice is don’t delay, grab it today.



The Three Step SEO Secret

The next stop on our tour of the newest bargain sales is a very informative SEO book called Three Step SEO Secret.

This is a well written guide to some innovative SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Techniques. If you want your site to rank higher in the search engines – and then get you tons of traffic – look here.

Find out all about getting backlinks the easy way, how to use your “keyphrase”, keyword tips and tricks, a great piece of advice about domain names, and much more.

100% Commissions on referrals.

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