Instant Video Articles

Here’s a unique idea…

Turn your videos into articles!

This is a really intriguing product that will allow you to turn any e-mail or report you have lying around into a video.

That means you can tap into the power of youtube and other media sharing sites, driving traffic to your own offers and promotions!

The process is really quite simple, and to help you out there’s a video below that shows you exactly how it’s done.

Instant Video Articles – Instructional Video

Creating Video … The Easy Way

You’ve heard it countless times before. Videos can help you sell – and if a picture is worth a thousand words surely a video is the magic answer you’ve been looking for?

Well – yes and no. Since the advent of fast internet connections video is almost ubiquitous on the web, largely fuelled by YouTube and the like. Today you can watch video clips that are entertaining, informative, and educational. Some videos have hit millions of views, but largely these are those that have taken on a life of their own. Videos that are part of a meme that is sweeping the net, or even creating one.

But in the internet marketing world videos are mostly used to build up a buzz or to convey an emotional response. Those videos of sunny beaches and fast sport cars and big houses you see on certain business opportunity sites… they are there to sell you a dream or a perceived lifestyle.

Sometimes video can be informative. A screen capture video that is simply a recording of your desktop is ideal for tutorials, reviews, or product and site tours. And these are the easiest to create. But, yet again, they have almost reached saturation level. To create a screen capture video just grab yourself a copy of the now open source Camstudio (an older version of the retail Camtasia) – or better yet, the Internet Marketer’s version. Hit record, and start your demonstration :)

Another kind of video will feature a live recording. You can accomplish this easily with a webcam or digital camera or even a higher-end mobile phone. You don’t need to spend on quality video equipment. If you utilise a green-screen backdrop, you can even use fancy special effects but that is probably a step too far for the average marketer (though not impossible). The main problem here is that many people are simply not comfortable presenting in this manner.

One important point: Is a video strictly necessary? I for one find it easier to read and absorb information as text, and much quicker. A page or two of text can be read more quickly than watching a ten minute video. WIth text, you can easily scroll back and forth to find what you need, and you don’t even need to take notes as it’s already there before you.

The best kind of video, in my opinion, are those that compliment the main website or product. Screen capture videos are fine, but can be dry. Something with a quick, powerful message that gets the information across quickly is better. And it’s easy to make these too!

Here’s what you’ll need:

A free copy of Google Picasa

And that’s it! Believe it or not, Picasa has the ability to combine images, add transitions, add text and captions, add an audio track, and save the whole lot out as a video file. It will even upload it to YouTube for you.

Simply prepare your “slides” before hand using images, screenshots, or even text pages. You can use a simple free image editor such as to do this. If you want music, grab your music file or spoken track, and then let Picasa work it’s magic.

Where To Post Your Online Videos

Here’s a great free report you can download that lists many online utilities and resources that can help you with using video on your website.

This guide also includes a very useful list of 273 sites where you can upload your video. Thought that Youtube, Google Video, Metacafe and Veoh were the most important? Take a look at this!

Videos can be a good way to increase traffic to your site or offer, and all you need to get started is a webcam or digital camera that supports video (most do). A quick recording can impart as much information as pages of sales copy, download “The Video Resource List” and get started – absolutely free.

The Video Resource List (PDF – Right Click To Download)

New Monday Madness Dimesale

At “Monday Madness” Sharlene is offering:

i. Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed
(An Internet Marketing “Manual”)

ii. Basic Strategies to Search Engine Optimisation
(REAL Tried and Tested Search Engine Techniques)

iii. How To Create Your Own Video Product
(The easy way to create a high-value video product)

Starting at $5 for all three, this is a great bargain!

Tube Pros

Do you remember the Tube Pro’s multimedia training pack that came out a few weeks back?

Well know you can grab it for the princely sum of $7

This is everything you want to know about using Video in your marketing including:

Top 10 Secrets
Adding Special Effects
Using Viral Techniques
The Top 20 Fr-ee Sites
Add URLs to your Video
Fr-ee and Easy Video Editing
Creating Communities, Channels and more

100% commissions for promoters 😀

Free Video Training

Ameer Salim, of Hot Marketing Videos fame, has just launched an amazing no-cost resource you can enjoy.

This is the “Hot Marketing Videos – Starter” site.

There’s absolutely no cost and you’ll get a number of components – including a selection of marketing videos, a 30 Day Plan, the Affiliate Marketing course as well as Ameer’s full Viral Video set !

1000 Visitors in 24 Hours

This is the story of how Jonathan Ledger brought tons of traffic to his site using quick and simple videos on You Tube and My Space.

Just $7 for a personal “how to” guide by someone who’s actually doing it. If you’ve never thought about viral video marketing – or perhaps wanted to see proof before you dive in – try this. You can also earn 100% commissions on sales.

1000 Visitors


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