All About Keywords

Keywords are at the heart of Internet Marketing. Whether you’re trying to make search engine friendly pages, websites that rely on advertising, or sites that focus on a particular niche you’ve no doubt be told to list your keywords.

Keywords are everything. Essential for getting targeted traffic, ad marketing, optimised pages, and so much more.

A keyword is simply the word or term that people will use to find your site. For example, if you wanted to look up a review about the Dark Knight movie, you’d type “Dark Knight Review” into Google. Or if you wanted advice on cooking a stir fry, you’d type “Stir Fry Recipe” or “Stir Fry Cooking”.

It’s the way people think and interact with the Internet that makes a keyword. You rarely see natural language here, even though search engines such as Ask attempt to serve that market. So you wouldn’t type “How Do I Cook A Stir Fry?”. People are accustomed to using simple, short keywords to look for information.

There are two important statistics about keywords: Search Volume (how many times that keyword is used) and Competition (how many sites are listed for that keyword). And a high rank for a popular keyword is what you seek.

Take another example. Your site could rank #1 for a very specific search term – such as “Watering Can Installation” (or any such random term). But what use would that be? It’s unlikely people would actually be searching for that information.

However, if you ranked #1 for “Garden Furniture” then all sorts of possibilities are open to you – not least becoming the #1 Garden Furniture store on the net :)

So… how do you find these important keywords, should you target them, and what to do once you have them.

Let’s answer the second question first. It’s unlikely that you can sneak into the top rankings for a very competitive keyword. And it’s unlikely you could be a success focusing on just one keyword. You’d be better off seeking to rank high for a larger volume of lesser searched terms. That way, the cumulative effect is the same – or better – than that single keyword, but it is easier to get higher rankings for each term individually.

This is the so-called Long Tail approach to keyword research. A great number of specific niche terms and/or products as opposed to a smaller number of broad, popular ones.

You need to make a list of the keywords you wish to target right from the start. These will then be the focus of your site content.

Luckily, Google has it’s own tool that will help you here. And there are also many third-party tools you could use. These rely on data from millions of searches on the web, so they are pretty accurate!


Another way to find useful keywords is to spy on your competitors. You can see what keywords they use, then use those keywords to see what the ranked sites for those keywords use, and so on.

An excellent online tool is:

There are a few points you should keep in mind. First, are these keywords going to be profitable? A good indication is run a few searches on Google and see how many ads there are. More advertisers usually mean there’s a good chance the search term is profitable. You should also think about whether or not the keywords relate to a niche where the searcher is likely to spend money. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes not.

It depends on your goal. If you are simply driving traffic to perhaps build a list or an audience, perhaps the monetary value isn’t so important (yet).

Secondly, what are these keywords for? You should really think about keywords before you build your site, but if you have an existing site then perhaps you want to reach out to a wider audience. Keywords are then useful for creating targeted, secondary pages – or perhaps blog posts.

If you aim to build an affiliate or sales site of some kind, then keywords are essential to reach your potential customers. And if you aim to build an advertising supported site of some kind, then keywords are needed to target the kinds of ads that pay well. But that’s another story.

Finally, if you want to purchase ads, perhaps from Google Adwords, then the right kind of keywords are essential here too. You want/need enough views to to keep your ads live and showing in the listings, but you don’t want the wrong people clicking those ads and costing you money. Again, the cheapest way are the long-tail search terms. The ad itself can also be used to discourage idle clickers. A price or a buy notice will dissuade people from clicking, unless they’re willing to purchase.

Keywords used for ad placement are to be used sparingly. You don’t want your credit card site showing up for people who want credit card debt tips, but you do want it showing for people who are searching for a new card. The right keywords can work wonders.

Keyword research and use is an ongoing task, and tweaking is essential. But if you do stumble on a profitable, lesser competed term then milk it for all it’s worth.


Don’t forget short-use keywords. Is there a big launch for the new Mike Filsaime product? Start generating keywords and ads around that. Is it Christmas? do the same. Are anglepoise lamps suddenly in vogue? Get searching. Jumping on bandwagons and hot trends can also be highly profitable – here’s one final link that can help:

Quick And Easy “Wow Factor”

A page of text simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Text is still, in my opinion and others, the best way to give information – you still need something to grab your visitors attention. Once you have that attention, you can begin your salespage, ad copy, sales letter or whatever. But you still need that first attention-grabbing moment to bring in those roving eyes…

The old adage in copywriting and design has been that of K.I.S.S. or “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. The website viewing majority are notoriously fickle, hyperactive, and will jump from page to page unless something catches their attention.

A good image can help, as can video – if it’s short, punchy and useful. Audio is sometimes used, but that doesn’t help with the visual impact at all – and if it auto plays it can be tempting to close the page rather than pause the soundtrack.

Here though is something I’ve just come across that can easily add some visual flair to your webpage, and do it quickly. It’s called Killer Text 2.

Here you can design a piece of text that really jumps out from your webpage. Like these below:

In this package, you’ll get 50 Fonts, 100 Layer Styles, and 15 Action Scripts, and step-by-step instructions to create many different combinations.  The layer styles are at 300dpi, so you can use them on web or in print. You’ll also need Adobe Photoshop 6 or higher. That is the de facto standard for any kind of graphic manipulation, but you can get a 30 day trial if you want to check it out first. You can also see a quick video of the process at the website.

Belive me, these text images are hard to resist, so just don’t overdo it! They will add some important Wow Factor to even the plainest website or blog, or even use them for text notices such as “Sale”, “100% Guaranteed!”, “Free Offer” etc.

The best part? This is currently on sale via the BestDamn network at just $27 – so you can start using these in your page designs whatever your site or blog. And if you design pages for others, or wish to start (it’s a lucrative business), what better way to make a site look a million dollars?

Grab Killer Text 2 Here

Super SEO 2008 and more – $7 !

I’ve just come across an amazing package that’s being sold as a “dimesale” at just $7.

This collection contains three very useful products that can help you design and market your own website, something nearly all Internet Marketers spend a great deal of their time doing.

For your small outlay you’ll get:

Web Design For Internet Business Owners:

This is an audio guide and an book focused on designing websites with a business slant. This isn’t your usual ebook since it concentrates on important factors like font selection, site navigation, color schemes and multimedia. There are tips here that can make all the difference on that important first impression! The guide comes with resale rights and PLR rights, though you cannot pass those on.

Super SEO Guidebook 2008

This is a very thorough guide to the intricacies of Search-Engine Optimisation. If you want to rank high in Google, Yahoo!, MSN and others you need to know these basics as well as the advanced the techniques. Good SEO grows with you, and by implementing some basic strategies at the start and adding others as you go along you can have an “authority” site on a subject of your choice – by following the rules. This could be the only book you would need to own…

Super SEO Guidebook even has two useful tools included: Page Rank Ninja and Web Spider.

To round this package off there are five impressive and powerful “One Time Offer” templates you can use to quickly and easily add effective money-grabbing sales to almost any site you own. Just take the template, modify as needed, and watch the money roll in.

This package is $7 and comes with all the products above as well as some special bonuses on your thank-you page after ordering. You can even promote this for commissions, and I’m sure it can be some easy sales for you :-)

Web Design Dime Sale

Niche RSS Feed Generator

Here’s a very useful tool you can use to help automatically generate content for Blogs, Websites etc.

It’s called Niche RSS Feeds Generator and it will build feeds for you from many sources, for subjects you define. Such as:

Articles Feed, News Feed, Video Feed, Podcast Feed, and the best part: Affiliate Feeds from Clickbank, Amazon and Ebay.

This means you simply define a feed and place it in your Blog with a simple feed displaying script, and you have automatic content with articles, videos and podcasts as well as with affiliate links!

A VERY cool tool, and yours for just $9.97 (that’s $10 off!)

Niche RSS Feeds Generator

Graphics and Templates

Super-Duper Graphics Pack
$7 Sale
100% Commissions

This is a great bundle of graphics and templates for all those non-designers among you. Products like this help you create sites quickly, and professionally – be they sales pages, lead capture pages, or whatever.

Here you’ll get:

Photoshop Actionscripts Pack (to create e-covers etc)
175 PLR Webpage Graphics
14 PLR Squeeze PageTemplates
32 Niche Mini-Site Templates
20 Transparent-Background Images

Only $7 for everything. You can order and view samples here:

Comments In A Box

Wow! This is cool. Basically, add commenting features to ANY website.

Visitors can add comments, and you can display them at the site – perhaps after a review, after an article, or just about anywhere. It makes regular webpages into community events, web 2.0-alike, similar to a blog.

Get it here for whatever price you want… (honestly, go see)

Vault DimeSale

Tere’s another great dimesale package over at the Vault:

There’s 4 hot products with full Private Label Rights – and let’s face it, who doesn’t love PLR Rights 😀

You get the E-Magic Linker Software
Competitive Keyword Research Script
Bootstrap Graphic Design package
and Affiliate Partner Success Secrets book

All for LESS than Ten Bucks if you hurry…

Unblockable PopUps

Do you want TRULY unblockable ads on your site?

With Michael Ambrosio’s new “You Can’t Block This” you can!

This is a great new software tool that lets you create a new type of popup with ease.

You have full control over how your popup looks, including colors, borders, etc.

You can set a delay, so the popup will appear after a few seconds.

And yes, your popup can include Video and Audio!

This is an EASY way to add promotions, signup boxes, special offer “act now” boxes or whatever you like to an existing page.

And since this is unblockable, it will appear to every visitor!

Right now only $7 at:

New tools like this usually start out at around $47-$37 so this is a real bargain.

And make sure you pay attention to the OTO. It’s good. Very good – if you can see the potential…

Right-Click Protection

Protect your site from the Right Click thieves!

Stop your text, graphics and download links being stolen !

Brand new software tool can protect your downloads and add a “sneaky” income/traffic stream to your site. Try it out above.

This can be incorporated into any site. As you’ll see from the example – even a “thief” can be turned to your advantage…


Page Timers

A new site called “Page Timers” has launched, and it’s product is something pretty unique. During launch they’re even offering 100% Commissions.

This will let you specify a unique series of webpages for everyone who visits your site. It’s like an autoresponder – for web pages…

Using this script a visitor will see the same sequence of pages, no matter when they visit. For example, if someone vists today they could see a different page everytime they come back. Ideal for running offers, an online course, or just to vary the page the visitor sees.

This can help make your site “sticky”. You could tell your visitorr, for example, the next lesson is ready each day and they only need to visit the homepage to see it.

This is simple and easy to set up.

For more information please visit:

* You can earn 100% commissions on this product…


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