Welcome To Netpreneur Now!

Welcome To Netpreneur Now


This site, in it’s various forms, has been online since the early 2000s. A lot has changed. There was a boom, of sorts, with people running all sorts of home business on the Internet throughout the latter part of the decade, but this appears to have slowed now. Partly because of unrealistic “get rich quick” type schemes, partly because of the economic downturn (which perhaps you’d think would encourage people to start, not leave), and partly because of negative connotations.

This is a shame. I’m rebooting this website because I believe there is still plenty of room for people to enter this business. Forget making millions overnight, and forget spamming and scamming, the core principles of Internet Marketing still stand.

You can view the “old” Netpreneur Now here. Please remember many links from there will no longer work, but it will stay live while I move anything worth saving, here.


Let’s start at the beginning…


My definition of Internet Marketing is simple. It is “Marketing”, i.e. advertising and promoting, on the Internet…

The Internet is a strange place. For one it’s a great leveler. Anyone can launch a website. There’s an incredibly low barrier of entry to launch a website, and with it a business.

Give your website some way of generating income and get people to visit it and that’s the bare bones of the system!

Of course that just skims over the surface, but I’ll cover much of this in more depth over the many blog posts to follow.


Extra cash? Your own business? A website, running on Autopilot? No need to handle stock? Do something you love?


These are the kinds of buzzwords that used to give this industry a bad name, but I’ve put them there because those – at least – are true. As I said, the entry barrier in cost and time is very low, and all the information you need is not “secret” or hidden away. You’ll find hyperbole and obfuscation along the way, but smash through that bull**** and I think you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised!

For now this is a “bare bones” site that is going to grow pretty quick. I’ve done it before, I know what to do. And along the way I’ll show you, too. I’ve literally got this far (minus the archive link) with a few button presses and a bit of prose here and there. It will get better, and I want you along with me on the ride.


PLR Squeeze Pages

Here’s a great package of Squeeze Pages you can use for any purpose, their main intention being – of course – to gather leads for YOUR business.

Put them up on your site, use them as PopUps or Popunders, perhaps put them into traffic exchanges. Just give them traffic and they’ll give you leads!

These come with full Master Resale and Private Label rights. You can sell or edit these are you see fit.

There’s also an inbuilt 100% commission program if you’d prefer to promote that way…

Squeeze Pages


End Of Year Firesale

Here’s Sharlene Raven’s “New Year Firesale”. Please note that the price rises every couple of days then the offer ends, so get it while you can.Right now you’ll get around 150 complete products with Master Resale Rights… And although this is a `pile em high` offer just take a look at the site before you make up your mind…


I’d say about 75% of the products there I don’t already own! Believe me, that’s an amazing achievement in a collection this size. And while you won’t need or want everything that’s in there I guarantee there’ll be a few products you’ll like, and for the asking price it’s a no-brainer.

Sharlene is actually running this Firesale to raise funds for her hubby Scott who’s been ill for a while now. Everyone has their reasons for venturing into Internet Marketing and you’ve just got to admire hers.

If the products don’t interest you perhaps the opportunity will. You’ll get 50% commissions on your referalls. And this is a hot seller…



New Adsense Dimesale

For less than $4 (if you act fast) you can grab five hot niche AdSense Sites. These are all optimised with carefully keyworded articles, adsense-blocks on each page, and other factors to help you rank higher in the search engines.

AdSense is one way to develop a totally hands-free automated income, and these FIVE complete sites are a great place to start. Google loves these sites, marketers love these sites – and they can work miracles.

Hurry though, because the price raises every 30 minutes. You can also earn 100% commissions on each referral you make.



My Original EProducts

Liz Tomey has just released an excellent collection of Resale Rights eBooks and even an Audio recording in one fabulously low-priced bundle.

These are brand new. Ready and waiting to be re-sold!


This is already underpriced. And it’s going to end soon.

With your purchase not only do you get to use and resell these great new products, but you can also earn on sales of the My Original Eproducts package as well!

The titles included are:

Easy Adsense Cash (audio and book)
Easy Niche Audio (video book)
Moms Little Cash Machines
Internet Business In A Box
Internet Marketers Guide to Website Design and Graphics

and more. There’s also a whole bunch of bonuses.

I WILL be selling some of these individually, so you can wait until then if you want. To be honest – at this price – I don’t know why you wouldn’t just grab the whole pack right now…


Free PromoBuddy!

PromoBuddy is now free. I used to promote this when it was a paid product, so now it’s available to download at no cost it’s even better.

Click Here For PromoBuddy

This tool will help you save time and organise all your fiddly little bits of data. You can do things like store Keywords, organise your Ezine, store your URLs, Bookmarks, Create Headlines, store Customers, and even make custom databases.

Do you have hundreds of post-it’s lying around? Want to be able to find that elusive affiliate URL, customer Email, or HTML snippet quickly? Use PromoBuddy :-)


Eight New PLR Products

I’ve just uploaded a brand new collection of Private Label Products at:


(The strange URL is because that *will* become “UltimatePrivateLabel.com” when it resolves).

This is NOT the “4 PLR” pack just launched, since I’ve taken that and doubled it – giving you even more value. Now you get a nice collection of books, courses, and software you have full private label rights too. You can modify, rename, re-copyright and do anything you wish with these :-)

Private Label is the easiest way to get your own products and with this new collection you can grab eight of the newest and the lowest price. At least – until UltimatePrivateLabel.com is ready when the offer will be removed. Act now!


“10 Easy Web Programming Tricks” VideoBook

Louis Allport’s latest video-book is now available from NetpreneurNow.

This covers 10 Programming Tricks for your site, including:

Adding your customers name to personalise the site
Three Redirection Methods
How to get someone to promote your site WITHOUT and affiliate program
How to help people distribute your articles
How to make auto-formated Affiliate links for your affiliates
How to practically force people to purchase your `deluxe` option
How to make an offer on exiting your page – WITHOUT popups
…and more!

There are 10 videos , lasting in total almost 2 hours!

This comes with full resale rights and salespage for just $9

Click Here To View


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