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Here’s another semi-regular feature with a selection of posts from other blogs that deal with Internet Marketing strategies.

Please – Don’t just stop at the posts I’ve selected. These are great blogs one and all, and have a lot of experience and knowledge to share. Take a look around, and subscribe/comment if you like what you see :-)

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Split Testing WordPress Blogs with Analytics

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59 Things You Should Be Doing, But Aren’t

The Ultimate “Do Follow” Blog List!   (Look at his “Link Lists” too)

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Tax Guide for Marketers

Tax – a very important subject but one that people tend to ignore.

So how about building yourself a “Tax Free Income”?

Tax expert Eva Rosenberg has released a new guide to Taxes especially for Online Marketers.

This cover all the basics (what you owe, who you owe it to, and when) to advanced tips on beating the Taxman.

At just $7.77 this is a guide you must own. There’s no other like it!

Find out more here:

*100% Commissions for Affiliates


Autopilot Profits

This is Ewen Chias new marketing product, that includes a free copy of “The Big System To Making Real Money On The Internet” just for visiting.

This is a site that aims to have you creating an automatic income, using a turnkey system you can get started with right away.

The website is pretty comprehensive so I’ll just point you in that direction. Please click here.


Monster Commissions

At just $1, this new members site from Louis Burleson surely has to be a bargain…

But before you join make sure you understand what this site is for. It’s for those who like to promote products – affiliates.

This site will give you advanced notice and the promotion links to promote the new sales Louis launches each month. These products usually have to be purchased before you promote, but a membership of Monster Commissions allows lets you bypass this.

The products will all be 100% Commissions, perhaps as a Dime Sale, and perhaps with more commissions on the back-end OTO. You’ll know it usually pays to get in first, so Monster Commissions is a site worth joining… especially for one buck!


Easy Membership Sites

You’ve probably heard that Membership Sites are one way you can build an Internet Business.

After all, you can have a single site, loyal members and subscribers, and a recurring income all from the one project!

And you only need the right script to run it…

So why not try this?

At just $7 the Instant Membership Site Script can help you run a full members site with just a few clicks.

This is a simple way to run a Membership Site where you have a full admin panel to add/delete members and it gives a password-protected site for people to log in to.

You don’t need to manually install a script, use MySQL or anything like that. Run this on your desktop and create a secure password-protected members area on your site.

You can even 100% Commissions.

(You can see full screenshots of the system in action above so you can how simple it really is!)

If you want even more software and books to help run a Membership Site you may also like:
(Now locked at $14!)

Free Video Ebook

Here’s a Video Ebook called “Ebook Secrets Revealed” that I’m going to give away as a free gift.

It’s by Louis Allport and it contains tips and strategies on making the most of your ebooks.

The videos include information on:

How to structure eBooks
Using Frames
Using Video in your eBooks
Collect OptIns through your eBooks
How to change the content – at any time
Tracking how many times your book is opened
How to password-protect your Book
Choosing between EXE and PDF

… and much more. This includes full Master Resale Rights – click the order button on the following page, but you won’t have to pay :-)


Zero To Fifty

This report has one aim – to get you from making NOTHING to making $50 a Day, in 30 Days!

I don’t want to surprise you with how this is done, so I’ll keep this short and refer you to the link below:

Zero To Fifty Report

This is achievable, and an extra $50 a Day, while not a “fortune”, is highly desirable to most people :-) AND more importantly, it’s something to build on, since once you can make $50 a day who says you cant make ten times that…



Day Job “Crusher”

This title has been called the “Day Job Killer” alternative. It even has a (deliberately, I’m sure) similar name… it’s called “Crush Your Job” and comes with an awesome $5 price-tag :-)

Read more about it here:

Since “DJK” costs $99 now, Crush Your Job looks like a real bargain. It follows the format of a number of books released recently, that aim to teach online marketing techniques to people who really only want a replacement for their day job.

It’s all well and good promising millions and aiming for the stratosphere and selling over-produced courses for $997 that include DVDs, Manuals and more but for MANY people a simple guide to how exactly money can be earned on the net – for the average person – is all they want.

After all, once you’re earning say $300-$500 a week and can afford to live from the proceeds how much further could you go?

I’m all for this approach. Have lofty goals, and big aims, sure – but remember to keep your feet on the ground and don’t overstretch yourself. Read a book like this and put the ideas into action. Aim to be able to quit your dayjob first, and then build upon your foundations.

Grab your $5 copy today, and remember you can also promote this and earn those five bucks back!


The Day Job Killer

Launch: Day Job Killer 

Right now it seems everyone is promoting this. That doesn’t mean it’s bad – It’s a refreshing look at a Marketing Strategy that for once doesn’t promise you the earth :-) Instead, it aims to show you how to earn enough to replace your day job, hence the name.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is one of those $197 + products that, frankly, a lot of people would not find beneficial. But. it’s not. You CAN afford this. Also…

1. This includes proof of the $1M ClickBank Account. I know income proof reports may not be of any use to you in your endeavours, but you’ve got to admit it’s an awesome achievement.

2. This stragegy relies on a combination of proven techniques, solid methods that work.

3. It’s from the author who brought you “Affiliate Project X” last year. And that was a very popular book. This builds on that includes many strategies the author uncovered during that launch.

If for no other reason than to enjoy the sales page and process visit the link below. Remember, it’s always worthwhile examing other peoples launches and sites for real-world examples.

This is affordable, workable, and will probably excite you with the possibilities. For once this is something that can (really!) help you. You won’t need hardly any capital to get started, and you’ll learn valuable insider tips from six-figure guys who quietly churn out fortunes instead of banging their own drums.

There’s a few things I don’t like – such as the “bash the gurus” approach (never helpful) but the benefits outweigh my reservations. The focus is on affiliate marketing – so you don’t need to write books or create products, and you can get started right away.

(Watch the Video!)


No More “Free”

Have you noticed a trend thats sweeping this market?

People are moving away from providing free services and products, instead they do this:

They provide the tools, ebooks, services, and memberships at a low price instead, and offer 100% Commissions.

Let me show you an example:

Under the “old” model, a marketer would typically upload, say, an eBook and offer it at no cost. They would then try to recoup their costs and make a profit by adding an “upsell”, e.g. a One Time Offer, or perhaps include links/ads inside the eBook itself and the Download Page.

It’s a solid sales process used in all forms of business, online and off.

The benefits are obvious. The customer is happy, since they get a product. The marketer is happy, since he/she gets a customer (signup) and the opportunity of further sales. They also get the chace to make an instant sale with the upsell, in whatever form it takes.

But what’s happening now?

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