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101 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

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101 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic
By Ruchir Chawdhry

Increasing blog traffic is incredibly easy. You just need a blueprint. A blueprint that lists what you should do to drive more traffic to your blog. In this article, I present to you 101 ways to increase blog traffic. Just follow the points given below to increase blog traffic:

1. Write great content. By writing out articles that are helpful/entertaining and engaging, you’ll double your chances of getting visitors and retaining them.

2. Write link bait

3. Use Yahoo! Groups (groups.yahoo.com)

4. Use Yahoo! Answers (answers.yahoo.com)

5. Join MyBlogLog.com. Add as many friends and join as many communities as you can per day.

6. Use a ping service like Pingoat.com

7. Leave comments on blogs in your niche

8. Write press releases

9. Participate in forums in your niche and put your URL in your forum signature

10. Link to other bloggers in your niche

11. Include your blog URL in your email signature


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(tips continued)

12. Use StumbleUpon.com

13. Use Digg.com

14. Make list posts (For example: Top 7 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic)

15. Get a better design

16. Use pictures in your posts

17. Post videos, especially video tutorials

18. Be the first to break a story in your niche

19. Write controversial posts

20. SEO your blog

21. Interview the movers and shakers in your niche

22. Participate in group writing projects

23. Participate in memes

24. Create memes and tag your friends

25. Participate in blog carnivals

26. Submit articles to article directories

27. Guest post on popular blogs

28. Submit your blog to blog directories

29. Submit yourblog to regular website directories

30. Join BlogBurst.com

31. Exchange ads with blogs who have the same traffic as your blog

32. Add a tell-a-friend script program

33. Make sure that it’s easy to navigate through your blog

34. Write great headlines

35. Use keywords in your post titles

36. Pitch bloggers in your niche about your post when your write a great link bait post or post breaking news.

37. Offer a free tool that helps your readers

38. Offer a free ebook jampacked with information

39. Build an email list

40. Run a contest

41. Participate on YouTube.com

42. Install a translation plugin or module on your blog

43. Poll you readers regularly about different topics related to your niche and publish the results

44. Add a fun quiz to your blog

45. Add a forum to your blog

46. Hold a group writing project

47. Add a wiki

48. Write articles on HubPages.com

49. Make Squidoo lenses on your keywords

50. Add your blog’s link to related pages in Wikipedia.org

51. Add your blog’s link to related pages in WikiAnswers.com

52. Add your blog’s link to related pages in WikiHow.com

53. Add your blog’s link to related pages in eHow.com

54. Join BlogCatalog.com

55. Participate on Facebook.com

56. Participate on MySpace.com

57. Make sure that your English is good

58. Post frequently

59. Submit your site to free website review sites like coolsiteoftheday.com

60. Stage blogging award events

61. Think outside the box

62. Post ads on Craigslist.com

63. Review related products on Amazon.com

64. Review websites in your niche on Alexa.com

65. Whenever you buy a product and if you like it then give out a testimonial to the product creator

66. Make WordPress themes

67. Make WordPress plugins

68. Blog on your own domain

69. Optimize images on your blog for search engines

70. Proofread and edit your articles before you actually post them to your blog

71. Make a custom 404-Error page on your blog

72. Get a logo

73. Get a slogan/catch phrase

74. Use Google AdWords (adwords.google.com) to advertise your blog on Google

75. Have an easy to remember, short domain name

76. Only have a .com domain

77. Purchase the misspelled versions of your domain name and have it redirect to your main one

78. Use appropriate keywords in your image alt tags

79. Place appropriate keywords in your anchor text when linking

80. Outsource

81. Network

82. Add social bookmarking options to your blog

83. Switch to WordPress (WordPress.org)

84. Write funny posts

85. Burn your feed using FeedBurner (feedburner.com)

86. Participate in Google Groups (groups.google.com)

87. Make a good screensaver and make it easy for people to download it

88. Make a good wallpaper and make it easy for people to download it

89. Send surprise gifts to the top bloggers in your niche every once in a while. Don’t forget to acknowledge that it was you who sent it.

90. Make a visitor sitemap for your blog

91. Make a search engine XML sitemap for your blog

92. Join and submit your blog to Google Webmaster Tools (google.com/webmasters/)

93. Make sure that your blog loads quickly

94. Switch to a dedicated server

95. Try to answer every email you get

96. Try to reply to every comment you get on your blog

97. Offer subscriptions to comments

98. Display your most popular posts prominently in a separate page and in a section in the sidebar

99. Claim your blog at Technorati (technorati.com)

100. Write a post explaining the concept of feed readers and RSS

101. Write a 101 ways to list

102. Under promise and over deliver

That’s all for now folks. If you want even more ways to increase blog traffic then check out my author resource box below for more:

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