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Jun 2nd, 2010 Comments: 0

1200 Articles With No Work And At No Cost

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Many Internet Marketers know the power of articles. After all, they allow you to create a “presence” on the internet, establishing yourself as an expert at the same time. They also bring you traffic, both from various article directories and from those who propagate your article – such as newsletters, blogs and websites.

There is another way to profit from articles… run your own article directory!

There are many ways to do this. You could manually create webpages that hold articles, or you could use one of the many scripts that will create and maintain a directory for you. You could also use wordpress, or any blogging or cms platform, to do the same job.

I’ve created a directory at:


And although it needs some work on the design, it now holds over 1200 articles without any work on my part!

How did I do it?

1. Install “Article MS” from Article Trader.

2. Install the “UAW Plugin

Follow the instructions for the plugin, and a service called Unique Article Wizard will drip feed unique article content directly to your site!

How does this work?

Article publishers like UAW and Article Trader make their money from promoting articles for a fee, sending them to thousands of directories just like yours. It’s a win/win for both publishers and authors.

By being a publisher, you get valuable content for your site. The UAW service will automatically post articles according to the categories you have set up. As you can see by mine, I’ve set up categories for subjects such as “SEO” and “Affiliate Marketing”.

The next step is to monetize the site. This can be achieved by adding ads to each page – such as Adsense or Clickbank ads. You can also add affiliate links, or even banners or other content. You can also edit the e-mails sent out to authors as they post articles, and to new members. These, of course, can offer other services that you provide.

There’s a little bit of work to make a plain Article MS site more attractive, but even in it’s native form it works. There are templates available you can purchase on the web, or if you have the ability you could of course create your own. You can also take as much or as little control as you wish, such as moderating all articles or not and using the rating system and other features to order your articles.

Need content for your site? Try this little tactic and watch your pages grow!

PS. For best results, it’s worth adding your new directory to your google sitemap. You are using one… aren’t you?

PPS. UAW also offers a WordPress plugin if you would like to take that route to building content…

For more information on article marketing, you can download my free guide.

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