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Jun 8th, 2007 Comments: 0

Autoresponder Script

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Do you want your own Autoresponder on your site?

Do you want full control of your list building, email sending, ecourses and all the great uses for an Autoresponder – without relying on a third party service?

And do you want this without the expense of the industry “standards”?

You’re in luck –

Here’s a great Autoresponder Script you can own for only $7!

Having your own Autoresponder is essential to your online business. You can use it to capture email addresses, automate delivery of emails in sequence, send ecourses, send product download details, and much more. Once installed at your site, it’s truly automatic and something you’ll come to rely on.

This Autoresponder is a full MultiMedia Autoresponder – meaning you can send text, web pages, Audio, Video or almost anything to your recipients inbox!

Grab it today – Click Here


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