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Oct 6th, 2009 Comments: 1

Back To Basics: Introduction

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I realise not everyone who comes to this site and blog are versed in the “lingo” and buzzwords associated with “Internet Marketing“.

That’s the reason for this series of posts that will (hopefully) help you get started, or – if you’re coming back to the fold, refresh your memory.

First up, we’ll start with a definition – my definition – of what Internet Marketing is.

(Please note if you’re already Marketing, this will all be a little humdrum to you. You can safely ignore this series!)

Internet Marketing is Marketing on the Internet. That is to say, it’s all about connecting buyers with products.

To complicate matters further, a Buyer means a customer. They don’t necessarily need to buy something upfront, but – somewhere down the line – you’ll hope that they do.

And a product doesn’t necessarily mean something tangible, like a new broom, a book, or a helicopter. It could mean a downloadable piece of software, access to information, membership to a site, or a subscription to a service.

If you connect the two – you’re in business.

The whole science (or art!) of Internet Marketing is finding and indentifying those buyers, and connecting them to the products. The products could be something you’ve created yourself, they could be stock you hope to sell and profit from, or they could be products you can earn a commission from.

Then there’s the important “Internet” part of the equation.

You see, using the Internet you can access literally millions of potential customers worldwide. There has never been an easier way to do this. This is perhaps the only business you could set up in your own home, or even just a desk in your own home.

However – there’s no point simply throwing offers at millions of people, you’d quickly go bankrupt. You need to target your business. I.e. You only want to contact those people who may be interested in your product.

This part of your business is Promotion. It’s something we’ll cover in detail later.

Finding the right people and the right product are a huge part of the process. If you could discover the right group of people, a group that has a large disposable income, who are hungry for a specific tool or product, and there are few other businesses (the dreaded competition) offering this solution – then you’ve hit gold, my friend.

Again, this is something we’ll cover later.

Since this is the Internet, you’ll also need a website of some sort. You’ve guessed it – we’ll cover that later!

And because you want to save time, you’ll learn a lot of techniques that can be automated.

For now, you can read the various other beginners guides I’ve written in the past. They mostly cover the same ground, but from different angles:

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See you soon with the first part of our Back To Basics articles: Identifying Your Market.


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