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Sep 29th, 2008 Comments: 0

Big Birthday Blowout

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I was going to add this to the roundup you’ll see in the next post, but I thought it deserved some more explanation.

This is a massive collection of over 100 products with resale rights, all with salespages, so in effect it’s an instant repository you can use to build your own resale store, create bundles, create giveaways, create One Time Offers – or whatever you want.

The reason I like it is because instead of hitting the web to find products you can offer you’ve got it all here in one package! It’s only $27, but imagine how many packs and offers you can extract from it.

Want to create a bundle for Giveaways? Something to offer as a signup bribe for your list building efforts? Complimentary products you can use as upsells? Just grab this gigantic package :)

Big Birthday Blowout

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