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May 1st, 2009 Comments: 1

Blog Carnivals, Traffic, and Backlinks

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Ever heard of Blog Carnivals?

They are collections of like minded blogs, all within the same niche or subject area. It’s a series of posts from participating blogs compiled into one post – and that super-post is called a carnival.

What it means for you is traffic and backlinks!

Blog Carnivals also work to bring together everyone within a particular field. It allows people to network, or simply discover each other. If you have an interest in this field a blog carnival is a great way to see a whole collection of articles and information about that field, as well as the blogs who provide it.

Carnivals can work in many ways. Sometimes, it is all down to one person who seeks out the relevant blogs and posts and compiles them. Sometimes they actively ask for submissions to be included.

You can think of somewhat as a magazine. The organiser is the publisher, and you are the contributor. The time and date of publication is set in advance, and you can submit your articles/posts up to then. When accepted, it means a ready source of traffic to you – and a valuable backlink.

The main site on the net for carnivals is BlogCarnival.com. Here you’ll find a catalog of carnivals, which you can look through and join any you fit in with. Submit your blog/post, and away you go!

Remember – you don’t have to simply join a carnival. There’s nothing stopping you hosting one, too. There’s one obvious benefit in that each blog who submits a link should link to you too, as part of the reciprocal deal. The big downside is that it can take a lot of work to read all the submissions and organise the event. Popular carnivals get literally hundreds of submissions!

Blog Carnivals can be fun, worthwhile endeavours, so please – provide quality content, do what the organiser asks, and do not spam…

Carnival SubmitterIf you want to save time submitting to blog carnivals there’s a neat piece of software called Carnival Submitter that will do the work for you. If you want a ton of traffic to your blog, simply fire up the software, and start submitting. You can even multiply your efforts and submit many articles to many carnivals all at once. This can result in a lot of backlinks, from authority sites, and instant traffic, as well as brand yourself to the people who matter most – your peers. Download Carnival Submitter today and enjoy the fruits of blog carnivals, without the hard work.


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