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Dec 7th, 2008 Comments: 1

Christmas Sale

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You know… I was really trying to get away from promoting multi-sales like this. But when an offer this good comes along I have to let you know. It’s relevant to the subject matter of this blog, and it can help an awful lot of people.

This time around it’s a Christmas Sale. Nothing to do with Christmas of course, and no doubt you’ll see a lot of these over the next few weeks!

But this a good for two reasons: $9.97 (if you access today, it rises over the week) and 100% Commissions. That should satisfy the frugal, the affiliates, and the resellers/bundlers :)

Here’s a selection of the products in the quick sale. Visit the site for the complete skinny. These I think are the standout items in the collection, including techniques and processes you can put into good use.

Super Thank You Pages – great templates for your product download areas.

Niche Blogging Profits – a cool guide to start small, simple, profitable blogs.

Atomic Web 2.0 – Forget the old traffic methods, Web 2.0 is where it’s at!

Adsense Ready Niche Sites – Add them to your network

Sneaky Cost Cutters – Save on hosting, domain names, and more

Bumbling Idiot Makes $5.000 A Week – Says it all!

Local Business Fortune – Many folks succeed here, target locally

Affiliate Review Riches – Another new method, creating “review sites”

Guru Traffic Secrets – Copy the best!

There’s a lot more, as I said, including PLR, Templates and other products you can use, resell, or whatever takes your fancy.

The Christmas Sale


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  1. I dont know what to expect from them . Its so cool.

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