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Oct 16th, 2007 Comments: 0

Dimesale Uber-Sites

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I still love Dimesales, they still work well, and my favourite sites for these are:

Dirk Wagner’s “Crazy Week” Sales

I love Dirks sales because he always comes up with amazing deals and usually with software or collections you probably haven’t seen before. This is no exception.

This week, you get some  unique “WordPress Plug-In-Profit Themes”!

That means you can build a blog – or even modify an existing one – using the widely popular and easy to use (not to mention free) WordPress Software that come complete with money-making elements.

This is currently just over $5 at:

You also get some amazing niche templates you can use to build sites dedicated to things like Ipods, Gossip, Ebay, Dating etc. Just think, a monetized Dating or Gossip Blog where all you have to do is find and add info each day and kick back and enjoy the success :)


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Frugal Friday

The current offer is just $12 and it’s for a double-pack of “Ebay Profits 2007″ and “Copywriting Basics”. Both great books.

Ebay is the massive auction site where you can literally sell anything – and it’s the place I always recommend new marketers cut their teeth. Copywriting is the “art” of writing persuasive adverts, and it’s a very important skill you must know.

You can get those at:

Dimesale Dollars

The current “Dimesale Dollars” offering is a double pack of “Ebook Success Blueprint” and “Making Sense Of Google Adsense”.

Currently at around $6 (but rising) this is an incredible offer:

Ebooks are how most marketers earn their bread and butter. It’s a way of selling information, without having to trouble yourself with the stock and costs of traditional business methods. Adsense is Google’s paid advertising program, and this book shows you how to maximise your earnings by showing ads (or even building sites solely designed to show these ads).

You can view all past Dimesale Dollars here:

Due to PayPal rules it might not mention the fact that there are 100% commissions on offer in the salespage, but it is there once you join. PayPal states that you cannot entice someone to buy by offering this commission. This is not a scam however, since the products are great and the affiliate offer is just for the marketers who want to take advantage. It’s a reward for referring new customers.

After all, where else can you get ALL the purchase cost as profit with no work hosting or designing the sales site yourself?

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