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May 2nd, 2009 Comments: 3

Free One Way Backlinks

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Here’s a free guide that shows you how to get smart, safe, and clever with your linking strategies.

Smart And Safe Backlinks

(It’s a PDF file, so right-click if you want to download it).

This guide comes from the amazing Free Traffic System site, where you can get hundreds of one-way links to your site, for free!

Since this uses some advance techniques, it’s something I’m testing right now – but by all accounts it works well.

This is not a link farm, or any type of scam, since you submit articles you’ve written to the site which in turn gets that article published across member blogs. You can specify “spun” text within the article, as well as rotating titles,links and link-titles, so each article is different on each blog it is published on. This avoids the duplicate content trap.

If you want to publish these articles, that is also possible – and you’ll get a steady flow of quality articles to your site.

It really takes a few minutes to set up and submit your first article, with perhaps a few more to start adding rotated/spun sections to ensure uniqueness. As I said, it’s totally free to use and join this service – and anything that can help your traffic and ranking has got to be good :)

The Free Traffic System

* It is an affiliate link, and I’ve left it plain, so you can see I have nothing to hide. If you want to join and become an affililate yourself it works on two tiers and helps you get even more backlinks.

Update: I’ve looked into this a little more and it seems it provides the same service that many PAID linking tools do. My first article is already submitted, and as soon as I see it published across the web I’ll give you an update with how well it is doing. I haven’t targetted links yet – just linking back to this blog – but I can see how powerful this could be if you needed to rank a certain site or link for a keyphrase. If you do join, consider promoting via their affiliate program. I don’t know what kind of sites will be linking back (yet) but even if they are low ranked, a link is a link. It seems legal enough, nothing black-hat about it, so everything should be fine at the search engine end.


( 3 )
  1. maverick May 4th, 2009 14:52

    thanks for the useful tips :)

  2. sam May 4th, 2009 19:52

    thanxx for sharing
    really appreciated
    helped me in many ways
    thanxx again


  3. Stuart Reid (Admin) May 8th, 2009 17:08

    Update: Started getting linked back, as evidenced by the dashboard in the site AND by the “pingbacks” I’ve had for the blog.

    This is early days testing, but with one article submitted I’ve seen it published. It will take more of course to affect the PageRank of this site but so far so good.

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