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Oct 23rd, 2007 Comments: 0

How To Be Wealthy

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Why are you reading this post?

Why are you interested in Internet Marketing?

Sometimes it’s important to get back to the basics, and maybe even have a rethink about your strategies.

Wealth is probably your goal. But monetary wealth means different things to different people. Perhaps you want to reach your first million? Pay off all your debts? Own your own home, outright? Have a strong savings/investment/pension plan in place for a wealthy retirement?

Or all of the above :-)

And wealth is even really the main reason, if you think about. Wealth is just the first step to the benefits you really want. I’m thinking of freedom, more time, less stress, better health, nice belogings, the ability to live your dreams. Wealth can bring all these, and more.

So if that’s what you want (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then you need to figure out how to make it happen. First, of course, you must take action. I can’t stress that enough.

You have any number of paths you can take. It may be as simple, to you, as getting a new job or getting a raise in your current one. Or it may be you want/need to start a new business. Online or off. Bricks and mortar or virtual.

Since you’re reading this I can take a fair guess that Internet Marketing is that which interests you most. I can emphasise: this is the easiest, low-risk and low-budget business you could start.

So is it all good? Well… yes! As long as you learn what you need to do, and you’re not afraid of making mistakes, then you’re good to go…

Just remember that any success is a series of small steps. Once you make your first $100, then that’s something to build on. Internet Marketing is really an umbrella term for many ways you can sell online, whether you focus on earning from ad-revenue (where, in effect, you’re selling website real-estate) or whether you decide to target markets and niches “outside” the IM world. There’s many different methods you can use, but one thing is sure…

Nothing will happen unless you start :-)

Put up a website. Get traffic to it. And sell a product or service there. It doesn’t matter whether you own the product, or are promoting someone elses, the techniques are the same.

Go for it. Grab your destiny by the scruff of it’s next and make a success story of yourself. You deserve it!

Practical Steps:

Learn how to create a website.
Find an affiliate product, resellable one, or create your own and put it on the site.
Learn how to drive targeted traffic to that website.
Find out what people want, and provide it.
Build on your income – sell more to the same people, or find new people.
* Repeat As Needed *


One of the best ways to start if you’re a beginner is to use Affiliate Products.

They are really simple to use. Say, you are interested in creating a site around “Snooker”.

First, you’d do the preliminaries. You’d pay for a domain name, and hosting.

Then you’d create a site at this hosting account, linked to that domain name. It’s easy – your hosting company will give you the details you need and your domain registrar will let you edit the domain name to point to that account.

FYI I use Namecheap.com for domain names and either Westhost or Thirdsphere for hosting. If you need, basic help with any of this, contact me (end of this letter).

Then you’d create some content at that domain name. The easy way to do this is to create a Blog at that site or even use a “Content Management System” such as Joomla. Luckily, many hosts, including the two I mention, allow you to install incredible powerful software like these on your sites with just a click of a button.

Now, after tweaking the look of the site you would create content there. With a Blog it’s easy. Just add posts, every day. With our Snooker example we’d post little tips, stories, news and other items.

This would grow over time.

To get traffic to this site we’d first get it listed in the search engines. The best way to do that is to make sure your site is linked from another that is already in the search engines.

Then we’d get the site listed in the popular Social Bookmarking sites such as Digg, Stumbeupon, Del.icio.us, and Squidoo. There are many other sites and services you could also use. Because it’s a Blog, we can also ensure each individual post is also listed :-)

Every time we post a new item, we would notify all the various blog trackers and RSS directories out there. Luckily, a blog has an inbuilt RSS feed (a summary of the posts you’ve created) so we’d just use a service such as Pingoat each day. Once a week, we’d also create a XML Sitemap (plenty of online services to create this) and submit it to Google.

There are other things we’d like to do, and they all focus on driving traffic to your site. We could, for example, add a signup form to our shiny new site so interested visitors can enter their email details for more information. We’d usually offer a free gift (a report, online book, software or something) to entice them to join. We’d use a service such as aweber.com to maintain this list for us, or even install something ourselves, such as the Autoresponse 3 (ARP3) software.

If all went well he’d have a information packed Blog listed in all the right places that’s updated regularly. So we’d start getting visitors, and keep them.

Now we need to monetize this blog. As I said at the start of this piece, Affiliate Programs are one of the easiest.

(continues after offer)

Affiliate Rescue – The Frugal Marketers guide to building a second income through the power of Affiliate Programs!


(Click the words “Buy Affiliate Rescue” under the order button at the link above to get this $47 course for only $9 !)


We’d go to Clickbank and see if there are any “Snooker” related products we could sell. We would post a item about this product, perhaps as a review, with a link to buy the product. When someone buys it, we make a certain percentage – usually from 50% to 75%.

We’d look at Commission Junction to see what affiliate programs are there about “Snooker”.  We’d also try searching Google for “Snooker Affiliate” to see what comes up, and get creative – listing for example products at eBay, books at Amazon, posters at AllPosters. We’d use graphics, reviews, recommendations to plug these products.

We’d also include them permanently on the site in the sidebar on in a seperate section. And we’d mention them in e-mails sent out to our subscribers.

To add more value to the site, we’d include Google Adsense ads on every page and post.

After this is created the ongoing process is just adding new content about Snooker to our site, and finding new products to promote. All this is achieved with just daily searches to Google. We could even be notified each day automatically of interesting items such as news items and press releases. And we’d search the net for articles and tips we could post.

This is how you create quick and easily maintained sites.

Then we’d repeat the process, for another subject.

And before long – you have profitable websites! Some will work better than others. Some may become blockbusters and generate considerable income on their own. We could branch out to creating our own books and software (depending on the subject/niche) and even use an affiliate program of our own to get other people to sell them for us.

That’s how you create wealth on the Internet. By providing content and services people want, and making sure they get it.

Don’t waste any more time. Start learning what you need to now, and start putting your plans into action. The wealth is there – it’s up to you grab it!

-Stuart Reid

If you’d like to contact me with submissions, information, joint verntures, or just want to ask a question please use the support desk at:

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