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Apr 7th, 2008 Comments: 0

Income From Membership Sites

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You’ve probably heard this before: Paid Membership sites are ideal for generating recurring income.

It’s an excellent business model!

The appeal is obvious. Set up a site, and promote as you would any product, but this time you get paid every month that purchaser remains a member.

The main reason it’s not as common as you think is that people tend to think it’s difficult to set up and maintain a flourishing members site.

That’s where this new product comes in. “Membership Income Methodology” is only $9.95 but it’s packed with value.

Find and target niche, and create a Membership site around it. Your site can contain software, interviews, articles, and tutorials. Keep adding valuable content, keep promoting, and maybe include an affiliate program to really get those new members flooding in.

This product is a full video course on running and maintaining a Membership Site. It covers everything from finding your niche, choosing a model, using the right scripts, creating the content, getting the new members, and much more.

Membership Income Methodology

Even at this low price there’s still some interesting bonuses included, and it’s all ready for you to download right now.

Discover how to really make a Membership Site work – grab this course!

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