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Oct 21st, 2007 Comments: 0

Netpreneur News Issue 83

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Today’s new issue of Netpreneur News is ready.

This issue includes:

Use what you download,
Googles amazing web-stat service,
Get the new $47 product for.. $9 !
New links and web finds,
How to find an article publisher,
and much more!

The issue is after the break or you can read/download a pdf here.

Netpreneur News Issue 83

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(C) 2007 Stuart Reid

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-> In Today’s Issue:

1. Editorial
Use what you have

2. Your Weekly Tip
Google Analytics

3. New Launches / Bargains
Get The $47 New Book For $9 !

4. Free Gfts and Bonuses
This issues links

5. Further Resources

6. Guest Report
Easy Tips To Find Article Publishers

7. And Another Thing

1. Editorial

I’ve been catching up reading a few of the reports and books I’ve downloaded recently.

A few things have struck me already…

1. Many – no, make that MOST – people will never read the products they have on their hard drive. And yes, I’m guilty of this too. By browsing through a few I’ve already learned a lot. And this is from a somewhat “arrogant” man who’s repeatedly claimed there’s not a lot to learn in this business…

In one sense, I’m right. There’s no real secrets, but a well written report can – and will – open your eyes to opportunities you’ve overlooked, techniques you’re not using even if you do know about them, and fresh ways of viewing methods you may already be (under)using.

2. Internet Marketing is not an overcrowed niche. Sometimes it might feel like it, but that’s because of the masses of information pumped out into your inbox. Actually, only a relatively small amount of people practice what they learn. There’s a small percentage of top performers raking in millions. There’s many more who are earning a nice part-time income. And there’s a vast majority who don’t earn much at all – or even worse, are losing money.

3. Customer lists are everything. That means an e-mail list, unless you are one of the growing number of marketers who rely on traffic to your site or Blog – or even RSS Subscribers – to get your messages across. My list IS growing, but I know I can do much, much better. I’m guilty of concentrating on promoting and marketing at the expense of list building.

It’s because list building doesn’t give you that satisfactory instant income which we all strive for. It’s an investment in the future. As is development of further sites and products.

4. And to elaborate on that last point, your own product, site and list is essential. Affiliate Marketing can work even if you don’t have a list, for example by purchasing e-mails, traffic, and ads, but with your own list building you’re saving cash as well as growing a real business.

And with your own product you’ll have full control of whatever you’re selling. You can support the product properly, and you can even have affiliates of your own selling it for you.

5. The Paradox…

Although I urge you all to do everything you can to start earning it’s actually in my interest that you don’t. If every wannabe marketer was successful then the whole market would be diluted. Look at it this way, if everyone was an expert car mechanic, then all garages would go out of business overnight :-)

Well – true and false. This is a huge market. It could conceivably hit the point where success was impossible but it would take a long time. New people are discovering it every day. They all need to start somewhere, and learn the tricks of the trade, so there’s new customers coming into the system all the time. The business is about making money, a subject that is understandably very popular.

Read, download, purchase but above all APPLY what you learn. Don’t be in the majority who are not succeeding.

2. Your Weekly Tip

Detailed Site Stats from Google Analytics

Google continues to astound with tools for everyone. This – their site management tool – lets you see at a glance exactly how your site is performing, where your traffic comes from, and much more besides.

Perhaps you already use a stats service at your site host such as AWStats, but I’d still urge you to give Analytics a try. After all, it’s free!

There’s some excellent tips on the rather comprehensive Google tool over at Blogstorm:

3. New Launches

Affiliate Rescue

(Note – this is listed as $47 on the salespage but by clicking the words “Buy Affiliate Rescue” under the order form/button you’ll get it for $9 !!)

This is an excellent guide for the frugal marketers among you — because the authors focus on starting from scratch and usining a minimal outlay to make affiliate sales!

It’s a safe non-risk method you can use to promote almost any affiliate program. As the salespage says you won’t become a millionaire but you could easily achieve a few thousand bucks per month, something I’m sure you’ll all want :-)

Traffic Tidbits

This is a great audio guide on how to generate free traffic for your website. Since it’s in MP3 format it’s ideal for listening to on your iPod/MP3 Player, burning to CD to listen on your commute or in your car – or whatever. There’s also a transcript if you prefer to read.

The guide covers many well established techniques such as Forums, Blogging, Niche Directories, YouTube, Networking and Articles.

Only $7. You’ll even get new audios/transcripts as updates when they become available!

Killer Web Copy

This is a 3 Volume guide to Copywriting for the web. The focus is on writing sales letters that convert well, and then optimising, tracking and tweaking this content until you get the possible response you can.

Only $5.

As always, everything else is at the Blog including many more gifts and bargains:

(Each of the sites above also pay 100% Commissions!)

4. Free Gifts and Memberships

“My Free Website Builder”… This is a cool tool you can use to build your sites without having to spend cash on other software, or use that perennial favourite “Nvu”. Worth $197 – free from here…

Todd Gross and “Free Monthly Gifts” have now added “Blogging For Profit” and a bunch of great Tutorial Videos  to the site. Get it here!
(These are not “Screen Capture” vids BTW, they are hosted by Todd who’s a bona fide TV presenter….)

You can also have a free copy of “Income 4 Dummies” here:
This is a “System In A Book” you can enjoy and work with.

And you can get your own “$7 Mall” here!

This includes the $7 Book/Script plus other bonuses but most importantly the ability to earn from everything in the Mall!

Finally, here’s some products uploaded to NetpreneurNow you can download, read, and even resell:

“Viral Marketing Made Easy”

“Article Writing Super Secrets”

Affiliate Scams Revealed

Everything else is here:

5. Further Resources

This is where I share the useful sites and informative pieces I’ve discovered lately.

Sometimes, there’s no need to download bloated or expensive software for simple tasks online. There’s a massive amount of complete online applications you can use.

Sometimes in the blinkered world of IM you’ll see an product you think is unique, that can help you work better and profit more. But take a moment to look at the wonderful World Wide Web. Often you’ll find free products that do the same job!

One of the fastest growining business models today is to build and give away these utilities. Get the customers and the traffic and the money will follow later…

Online Image Editing.

Free Web 2.0 Logo Creator
Free Web Template Creator
Here’s a revenue model you might not have thought about — the growing market for web apps built on some of the biggest sites around. With places such as Google now providing open access and developers kits, there’s a way for companies to leverage some of the traffic these massive web properties generate.

Here’s a report on one such site, Facebook (a Web 2.0 social network) and how simple Facebook Apps can quickly generate millions of users…


FYI: Facebook, in the UK at least, is now bigger than MySpace. Anyone who’s ever entered a MySpace page and hit a horrifying world of audio, flashing images, videos, garish backgrounds – a la the web circa 1997 – will understand why :-)

Finally, in addition to this post:
where I listed 10 of my favourite marketing sites such as other peoples blogs please include this as an official 11th :-)

Jason Moffat – The Profit Moffat Blog:
Always informative and entertaining!

6. Guest Report

6 Easy Tips For Finding Article Publishers

Most everyone knows that article marketing is a great way
to bring in loads of free and highly qualified traffic…
Unfortunately most people fall short at finding article
publishers with real readers leaving a huge untapped market
for their articles.

Most people think they can’t get there work in a real
publication but the reality is editors are constantly on
the lookout for proven writers who can deliver good quality
articles. Let’s look at six simple tips for finding some of
these places to get published:

1. Search For Publishers
By far one of the easiest methods and the most tedious is
pulling up your favorite search engine and tracking down
publishers of articles. With your favorite search engine
start scouring the web for your market topic and see what
sites come up, in particular search for or check out any
site that has a submission link or email for sending
submissions to the editor.

2. Opt in forms
Opt in forms aren’t just for potential customers anymore.
Start placing forms for publishers to sign up on your
article or other content sites and watch over time as that
list increases in size on almost complete auto pilot with
zero effort.

3. Directories
Scattered across the web are several large directories
listing thousands of ezines. These aren’t exactly goldmines
and you will spend a lot of time researching these sites
but often times you can pick up a few new places for
several minutes of time searching.

4. Newsletters
If you have been working in your market for any length of
time you should be very familiar with any of the email or
printed newsletters that exist. Many of them accept outside

5. Subscribe
if you are currently subscribed to a newsletter don’t just
start submitting articles to the editor, by now you should
have a good feel if your work is a fit for it or not. You
will also want to see if the newsletter prints articles
from outside authors, if they do then send the editor a
quick yet personalized query message including some clips
of your best work.

6. Trade Journals
Go visit your local bookstore or magazine shop and you will
undoubtedly find a rather large section with tons of
magazines and other printed trade journals spanning various
profitable markets. These magazines tend to have larger
readerships when compared to some online mediums and are a
great place to try and get published. If you do succeed you
will gain a ton of instant credibility and name
At http://www.articlelistcourse.com find the best methods
to super charge your article marketing efforts…

7. And Another Thing….

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Thanks for reading,

If you have any suggestions for this newsletter or wish to discuss anything about internet marketing in general, please contact me here:

Stuart Reid