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Apr 11th, 2008 Comments: 2

Niche RSS Feed Generator

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Here’s a very useful tool you can use to help automatically generate content for Blogs, Websites etc.

It’s called Niche RSS Feeds Generator and it will build feeds for you from many sources, for subjects you define. Such as:

Articles Feed, News Feed, Video Feed, Podcast Feed, and the best part: Affiliate Feeds from Clickbank, Amazon and Ebay.

This means you simply define a feed and place it in your Blog with a simple feed displaying script, and you have automatic content with articles, videos and podcasts as well as with affiliate links!

A VERY cool tool, and yours for just $9.97 (that’s $10 off!)

Niche RSS Feeds Generator


( 2 )
  1. John May 5th, 2009 21:44

    I use Clickbank feeds from cbfeed.com and post them to twitter via twitterfeed.
    I’ve setup several twitter accounts each with a different niche, already made a few sales this way.

  2. Stuart Reid (Admin) Dec 20th, 2009 16:25

    Thats a greast idea! Thinking outside the box, automating your business, and making a nice affiliate income. I like it :-)

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