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Sep 22nd, 2008 Comments: 2

Other Ways To Make Money Online

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I don’t usually post about the general “Make Money” methods that are prevalent on the web today – my subject is Internet Marketing, which takes a longer business-building view to creating an income.

However I understand that many people find the subject too technical and long-term for their needs and just wish a simple way they can earn money, and soon. Perhaps with some cash behind them they can then graduate to building websites and mailing lists, creating products and services, and generally aim for the big money :)

These usually trade your time for money. You won’t get rich doing this, but you will earn a few bucks you can perhaps invest in your future…

Offline Marketing

Just after I completed this list I came across this program, “Easy Offline Riches”. I’ll cover it in a little more detail in the future but it looks very promising.

The idea here is you contact businesses in your area, or further afield, and offer to get them a web presence. Many companies small and large would like a website, but have no idea how to go about it. Everyone from your local florist to the big car dealer around the corner is a potential lead for you. All the marketing is covered for you, giving you cards and ads you can use locally. You don’t even need to speak to the prospect yourself if you don’t want to…

The best part is you don’t have to create the business site yourself. You outsource it through this program, and earn up to $400 per sale! Take a look at this – and I’ll tell you more once I’ve researched it fully.

1. Ebay

Nothing beats ebay for it’s simplicity and it’s massive army of eager buyers. You can build a business here, specialising in whatever you want, or you can simply sell odds and ends you have that you no longer need. It’s both a glorified garage sale and a shopping mall.

Once you’ve sold your old ornaments, tools, clothes, CD’s, furniture and vehicles you can look into buying wholesale. There are many places that will sell you both new and second hand goods by the palette or container load. If you know your market, you can make a lot of money here – and fast!

If you want to make Ebay a full-time business (many do!) try SaleHoo for information on Wholesale Suppliers and selling direct.

2. Paid Surveys

There are many companies that will pay you to take surveys. Anything up to $40 per survey! You simply register with the correct sites and complete surveys as they are sent to you.

There’s a full guide to making $10-$40 per survey right here.

3. Writing For Cash

You can earn money writing anything from reviews, to blog posts. If you own a blog you can write posts to advertise certain companies, and they will pay you for the promotion.

At various consumer sites you can submit reviews, and earn that way. Some will connect authors to publishers, and other kinds of sites will pay you per page view of your article, and accept a wide range of articles. The idea is they get traffic from your content and make their money from affiliate programs or ads.

The pay will vary, a lot, but if you enjoy writing this maybe something you can do part time at least.

You can even reach for the big money by writing, if you can write technical manuals, ghost write for others, enter writing competitions, or even get the next best-seller. Let’s face it, it’s unlikely, but there’s nothing wrong with a little ambition.

4. Helping Others

If you have a skill, you can trade that for cash. Whether it’s a technical skill or an interpersonal one you can market yourself online. Good with graphics, web design, programming, copywriting, promotion ? Or can you help people use their computers, get a web presence, or even search for information ?

If you have spare time you can even trade that. There are many busy marketers who pay for tasks such as submitting to directories, writing articles, post to blogs and forums, write transcriptions, do translations or other such tasks.

The best places to look for work are forums such as the Warrior Forum or DigitalPoint and then there are freelance sites such as eLance and Rent-A-Coder. You can even get basic work from Amazon’s Manual Turk service.

The pay won’t be great… but it IS pay. So if you’re a stay at home mom or a broke student perhaps this is one way you can earn some pocket (or beer!) money from your skills.

5. Get Paid To…

These sites usually make their money from advertising, and so pass on a little of that to their users.

Get Paid To read e-mail. Very little, perhaps $0.02 per e-mail, but like anything it can add up. It depends on the network as to how many e-mails you receive and you usually have to total a minimum before you get paid.

Get Paid To complete offers. These companies earn from their affiliate income, so you will be asked to join various sites such as gambling sites, free trials at DVD rentals, etc in exchange for a cut of that income. An offshoot of this are the companies that promise free iPods, Playstations etc for completing similar offers.

Get Paid To network. There are some social networks, notably Yuwie.com, that will pay you to make friends, create content, etc. Essentially the income stream here is again the traffic you generate from that, but it is something you could try.

6. Internet Marketing

I’ve already said this is the way to make real money. It’s not a straightforward “work for cash” as in the methods above, but it’s far better for a long term strategy.

The two important points here are (1) A website with an offer/sale of some kind, and (2) Traffic to that website. It’s setting all that up that can get people unstuck. This entire site is about that subject, so explore and enjoy :)


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