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Sep 3rd, 2008 Comments: 17

Stomping The Search Engines 2

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A Full Review, Details and How To Get It – For Free! Bonus Included.

Stomping The Search Engines 2 is the follow up to the product that first turned the Stompernet guys (Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon) into megastars. This time around, they’ve moved on from the originals CD format and now present a full DVD – and the launch of a brand new magazine.

Four years ago Stomping 1 was perhaps the biggest selling SEO product – ever. Now, Stomping The Search Engines 2 is destined to make even more online millionaires than the original.

As the title suggests, this is about SEO – Search Engine Optimization. STSE2 details the current methods used to get your site a good ranking. After all, if you are the top result for a good keyphrase in the natural-search listings at sites like Google you can literally write your own cheque.


There are actually two DVDs because you also get a copy of the original STSE. Remember, that sold thousands of copies at $300 a time !

Once you put the DVD into your PC it will launch into a videoplayer, giving you access to all the videos in the product. It starts with an overview of the pros and cons of SEO.

There are 7 modules, 36 videos in all. The introduction section kicks off short-term tactics you can use, and a look at what they call “agressive white hat” SEO. Then it moves on to discussions of the actual technology behind the major the major search engines, before it gets to the really juicy stuff.

For example, the videos on keywords and content structure will really open your eyes to how to properly design a website destined for high rankings, as will the shows about optimizing your site content, and your site structure.

Don’t worry if all this sounds a bit techy. The presentation is easy to follow!

By the time we’ve passed through the all important linking and promotion section, we’re well on our way to become search engine guru’s ourselves :-)

The final section may be the most important: measuring results, and tweaking your site(s) to improve them. After all, we can’t remain stationary – someone else may make a play for our enviable top ranks…

This is only an overview of the video content. If you’ve ever seen any of the Stompernet videos that have circulated online, you’ll understand how professional the presentation is, and how informative. It’s information you want – so feel free to take notes, pause or rewind where neccessary, or (as I did) jot down the times of interesting sections in the videos so you can revisit.

And once you’ve watched all the videos (first time around, anyway – I’m sure you’ll revisit them) be sure to check out the resources on the DVD. You’ll find the Stompernet Directory List (an invaluable links collection) and the Keyword Strategy Guide!

Whatever your current level of expertise STSE2 will help you aim for, and achieve, those high front-page Google listings…

Stomping The Search Engines 2

Other things I’ve picked up from these videos – in no particular order:

How to avoid accidental duplicate content
What you can get penalized on by the Search Engines
“Canonicalization” of your content
Don’t use – or trust – Google’s inbound link count
Some “competitiors” may acually be good partners
Target the head – but mine the “long tail”

I could go on, I’m only dipping into a few videos to give you an overview, but you should get the idea.

The Magazine

The new publication, called The Net Effect, is included with STSE2. Remember, this is a physical product, so it’s a hardcopy, printed out professionally for you to read anywhere.

It’s an Internet Marketing magazine that goes above and beyond anything you’ve seen before. You can read it all in one go, or dip in and out – and probably be buzzing with ideas to implement.

In this first issue you’ll find a great article on the “Keyword Heist” technique, 26 Things To Test, Twittering Your Way To Traffic, and much more.

I especially enjoyed reading the Social Media Survival Guide!

This is – again – just an overview of the magazine, there’s a lot more included (“armour-piercing e-mail” anyone?) and you may find the Monthly Action Plan at the end very useful, as it brings everything you’ve learned so far together into a single-page plan to follow. My advice? Photocopy it or cut it out and stick it near your PC.

The Net Effect is designed to keep you up-to-date in the fast moving marketing and SEO world. Let’s face it, how many ebooks or websites do you actually read? Nothing beats a real “hold it in your hand” product. You’ll be looking forward to your snail mail each month :) This is an ongoing monthly journal for high-end SEO and Internet Marketing. A serious trade publication. It’s your business, your livelihood – so make sure you’ve got all the latest information to hand. Insider information from the Stompernet pro’s.

All in all Stomping The Search Engines 2 is an excellent product that is sure to benefit anyone working in the IM field today, whether they are a bedroom dabbler, or head of a company.

You already know the best part – it’s hardly a secret.


And not just the “free” you see bandied about a lot in marketing campaigns. STSE2 is a very real $497 product, and “The Net Effect” magazine is worth $39 monthly…

The cat is now out of the proverbial bag. Get over to the website and claim your copy, before the Stompernet guys come to their senses!

Stomping The Search Engines 2

The page above is a good example of the professionalism of these guys. Look at the video, read the details, and get stoked up with what you could achieve. This is not some $7 screen-capture video product. This is not some re-hashed ebook. This is a very real SEO course especially designed for Internet Marketers, the people who really know how to make their livings online.

Once you decide to order at the above link, drop me a note via the support desk and I’ll send you a free bonus — even though STSE2 is free in itself…

P.S. Because the launch was delayed slightly due to demand the Stompernet guys have promised some special bonuses themselves as a “sorry” so be sure to check the link above to see what extras you get – above and beyond the review copy I’ve looked at here!


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  3. Joseph Ratliff Sep 4th, 2008 22:46

    Uhhh, hasn’t launched yet.

    No order button.

  4. Stuart Reid (Admin) Sep 4th, 2008 23:38

    Don’t worry if it’s not live yet. Sign up at the page — it is IMMINENT 😀

    Your email there is only used to notify you of when it’s live. Any minute now.

  5. People still paying for what they can do and find out for free? And propagating the sandbox hoax even? I spose if folks have the money to toss into the wind huh? LOL

  6. Endy Sep 5th, 2008 9:29

    This is a good news. We could study SEO easily. by knowing about SEO blog we will become better than beforehand.

  7. Stuart Reid (Admin) Sep 5th, 2008 15:33

    First, this is free – so you’re not paying for anything :-)

    Secondly, people will – and always have – paid for information, whether it’s already free or not. People tend to pay for the convenience of having the information readily researched and to hand.

    The argument “Why pay for knowledge that is free” can be put to almost any subject. You’re in reality paying for the research, presentation and compilation of existing materials.

    That, and it’s a cool product :-)

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  9. @Stuart…

    Nope. Its not “free”… It is the same tired and worn out old grift. The “Shipping & Handling” scam. How many times do we see things for free, that include that magic shipping and handling of the universal $9.95? Many. It costs 10 bucks to ship? Nope, the postage will not reflect that when you get it in your hands. It cost 10 bucks to process? Nope. Where is the processing by putting a label and a stamp on a thin cardboard box or envelope? And the pennies that the envelope or cardboard box cost are just that, pennies when bought in bulk.

    And you are right, everything can have this same application, no matter the magical “we have the secret” training DVD subject, the info is still available for free, folks just don’t want to do the work to compile it. And if they are not willing to do the basic work to even find out how to do it, then what makes anyone think that that their web presence is going to last very long, or posses any quality if they are not wanting to roll up them sleeves..?

    I apologize if I sound like a buzzkill, but SEO scams are what we are all about at our website, so if I am to stay true to our purpose, then I need to speak my piece wherever I find the need to. I am sure that it did take a little bit of work to compile, but so does anything in life you want to be successful at.

    Today’s search engines are full of junk because of all of the “we have the secret” peddlers, “Make Money Online” peddlers, ebay secrets, adsense secrets, and all of the other instant gratification scams out there. Look at Linkreferral, Entrecard, Blog Explosion, Blog Soldiers, Smiley Traffic, etc…. They are overflowing with MMO’s SEO’s MLM’s and so on… I know, I am members of them. They get traffic to you, but you have to wade through the fools while you are working to get hits sent to you.

    All of the peddlers make their money the same way… Not by following their own advice to millions, but by selling their DVD’s, Ebooks, tapes, & books… Amway taught them all very well… And maybe one day, if they MLM real hard the big internet guru’s will hit the big time, and buy an infomercial on some offbeat tv channel at 3 am. LOL

    Many hate me for being the naysayer in the market, but that is ok. Those are the folks that don’t like their grift being fiddled with, and those are the folks I want to hate me. :-)

    BTW… Thanx for not deleting my prior comment, most usually do. Very few want anything but what is being pitched, presented. Dissent is always contrary to the grifter’s wallet. :-)

  10. Stuart Reid (Admin) Sep 6th, 2008 13:09

    Hey – all comments are welcome, and you are more than entitled to your views. I understand a lot of what you are saying.

    I totally agree that there are a lot of scams out there, but at the end of the day this is an internet marketing blog, so that is what I post. I supply information on products and services that I think will help the readers here.

    Of course the search engines are manipulated. And, to an extent, Google recognises. Hell, the Google Adwords / Adsense programs themselves are an extension of this. Anyone with a website will want their sites ranked high. Google itself faces a balancing act of pleasing it’s advertisers and pleasing it’s users. 99% of it’s income comes from advertising. Are the sites listed in the paid ads the best possible sites for the search term?

    I stand by the fact I think Stomping The Search Engines is a good product. I’ll say right here that of course there are upsells, a paid subscription, and a delivery cost — but that’s why the product is essentially free. You don’t HAVE to take advantage of any of those. You can sign up, get the product, and ignore everything else that follows. Cancel the subscription right away if that’s what you want.

    I don’t agree that this is an “SEO scam” in anyway. They’re pretty upfront about what they are offering. And their main product is actually a members site called Stompernet costing $800 a month. That’s big money by anyones standard. Yet the members stay, and are happy to pay that because of what they learn.

    After all, if it costs you a small P&P charge and you end up learning something you didn’t already know and didn’t bother to find out yourself that ends up making you thousands – wouldn’t you be happy?

    And on a final point: The authors of “Stomping” run very successful sites outside of the Internet Marketing niche. They’re not making their fortunes “peddling” courses on how to make fortunes, although there certainly is enough of that about.

  11. WoW! You even left my second comment up! I am sitting here with my mouth agape! I will tell folks this much that are reading this… I can say that this weblog has gained alot of respect from me just because they welcome different points of view. Many don’t, and most never will. Just for that reason alone, I might have to back peddle on my harsh criticism of this product. Most folks looking only to rush a quick dime on something will not allow folks to dissent, ergo this product might have some value after all! LOL. Now I might be stuck clicking on your link to buy it just to see what it is you have such un-wavering confidence in. :-)

    You dog, you have battled, and come to a “draw” with me. Many try, most lose, but you stood your ground and sat me down in my chair to re-examine my position. For that sir, you get a “Huzzah!”

    Thank you for the discussion, it was very enlightening for me, and I hope others that are reading these comments will take into consideration that there must be something in this “Stomping” if even the harshest of critics are willing to give it a fair chance when those promoting it, are willing to sit back and allow for questions and concerns to be vetted fairly and justly. :-)

  12. Stuart Reid (Admin) Sep 7th, 2008 12:28

    I’m glad you like it :)

    At the end of day, it’s up to the customer to decide whether a product will benefit them or not, but a review can help. I can say this is in part helped by the fact that the Stompernet guys sent out review copies, which is something many companies can learn from.

    So I have actually used and read the product – and while it isn’t for everyone (what is?) those in this specific niche, that of search engine rankings, home business, and marketing, will benefit.

    Thanks for the kind words. I repeat – all criticism is welcome, and I’d only ever delete comments which are not relevant, including of course any pornographic, racist, or other such remarks.

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  14. Ken Sep 14th, 2008 15:08

    Great to see a mature, respectful exchange of different opinions…for a change. FWIW Brad and Andy make millions of dollars from their online sites selling physical products that have nothing to do with SEO. They DO utilize their own information and IMO are among the best at it. Do a bit of research and learn about the guys they have as faculty. Their are 1000s of scum/scammers out there but these guys are the real deal.

  15. Smith Oct 3rd, 2008 9:41

    I bought into this.. I haven’t received any product nor the promised published “The Net Effect” magazine. I’m pretty sure in 4 days they are going to bill my credit card though. We can’t cancel anything because the cancellation information is printed in “The Net Effect”. Scam… maybe not.. Annoying that I got taken once again by an “industry leader” … yes.

  16. Sarah Dec 7th, 2009 22:44

    Stompernet are forum spammers. I admin some and found this site by googling one of their websites, found another gloating about search ranking and a picture of one of the owners’ face on a now deleted Youtube video. These scum (at least one is based in england) deserve another lorry drived into their ****ugly face(s)!

  17. Stuart Reid (Admin) Dec 20th, 2009 16:38

    All I know is I recieve “The Net Effect” each and every month, and read it cover to cover.

    It’s full of interesting articles on SEO, E-Commerce, and Web Design – written by people employed by Stompernet and various industry experts.

    While of course they will push their own products from time to time, and the information they provide could just as easily be read on a website (there is a Digital Edition, BTW), the fact that it’s printed out and you pay for it means you are more likely to read and take action.

    That’s the problem with the Internet. You can find what you need to know by reading hundreds of websites – or you can pay for the convenience of having the relevant information hand picked and provided to you in a readable format.

    It’s your choice. Personally, I have no problem with these guys and I love the magazine…

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