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Oct 7th, 2009 Comments: 3

The Irresistable Offer

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Amazing Conversion Rate

Amazing Conversion Rate

In the first of my “Back To Basics” posts yesterday I mentioned that half the battle in Internet Marketing is to find that mythical perfect customer, to whom you would supply the perfect product.

And guess what came across my desk later that day? This video course from Rob Howard and David Bullock entitled “The Irresistable Offer“.

This is all about converting traffic into buyers. After all, why spend all your time, energy and money driving traffic if that traffic is useless to you?

So if you want to discover what makes your perfect customer tick, and find out his buying patterns and keywords, or if you want to push your conversion rates to the heady heights of as much as 20% you need this.

And if you want to work less, and enjoy more, with your business running on autopilot (every marketers goal) get this.

The Irresistable Offer

There are three videos included, total running time of 53 minutes.

  1. How to find your perfect customer.
  2. How to write killer presell content.
  3. Raise Your Response.

Get this, it’s only $4.97, and start increasing your profits today.

PS. I love David Bullocks products (as I’ve stated many times before). He delivers. I like the way he thinks, with statements like “Nothing in Internet Marketing is Hard” and “Why Have I Failed To Make Money” sprinkled across his site. In any case, you have a full 100% money back guarantee stretching to 56 days if you’re not happy. And perhaps the fact that you’ve paid – and not got it for free – will spur you on to actually watch and benefit from these videos.

PPS. A note for Affiliates:  You can earn instant one hundred percent commissions paid directly to you via PayPal, and even grab 75% of the back end.


( 3 )
  1. Bryan Oct 18th, 2009 16:00

    Checked the link to the video but it’s no longer there =(. Please post a working link so i can watch the video. Thanks!

  2. Stuart Reid (Admin) Jan 31st, 2010 14:58

    The URL had changed. The post has been edited with the new link, the product is still active. Thanks.

  3. john Feb 11th, 2010 8:22

    This is very nice video. I like it very much.

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