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Apr 22nd, 2009 Comments: 0

The Truth About Turnkey Web Sites

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Turnkey Sites are everywhere. If you’re looking for an Internet Business, or if you want to add another income stream to your portfolio it’s easy to see why a turnkey site could be attractive.

The appeal is obvious. You’ll immediately own a ready-built site that is all geared up to accept payments, with little or no work from yourself.

But it’s never that easy… If you place a upload a website and make it “live” it is very unlikely to do anything at all – it will just sit there, most probably gathering virtual dust.

Turnkey sites come in many shapes and formats. They could be wordpress blogs, scripted sites that give you a service such as an auction, dating site, game site, or similar, or you could simply get a template – a basic outline where you are expected to fit in the relevant information for whatever market you hope to target. It could be a ready-built site that you simply upload to your web space or could even be a complete pre-built site, with it’s own domain, where you literally need do nothing to make it work.

You can buy turnkey sites from one of the main retailers of such services, or find them on eBay and other internet marketplaces. The price will also vary – anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred. But before you buy there’s one important fact you should take into consideration…


Unfortunately, many turnkey sites are not. Simply searching Google for some of the information that is preloaded into it will probably throw up quite a few similar sites, even exact clones. Unless you have paid especially for the site to be built for you, but that takes you out of the turnkey market and into something a little more expansive than this post.

You can fix it, by editing the site you have. If you’ve bought a turnkey site that is prebuilt into it’s own domain you might not have the technical knowledge to do this. But if you have a template or a site you upload to your own space you probably do. Simply altering the text a little may be enough to distinguish it from it’s rival, but adding your own content is even better. The best kinds of turnkey sites have back-offices built in where you can edit or add information.

Once you have a unique website, uploaded, and ready to run the second part of the formula comes into play. You need traffic. This where many a purchaser has fallen down. It won’t make sales, earn advertising revenue, or even attract readers if you don’t promote it.

You’ll need to get it listed, and ranked, in the search engines as well as pursue other avenues of traffic such as forums, articles, pay-per-click, social bookmarking, and the like. Take a look at our traffic page for some more ideas.

So, before you buy that turnkey site make sure you have the knowledge, aptitude, and stamina to make it work. You need to be persistent with your promotions, and able to fix any problems that arise (or pay someone else too). Making money online is never as simple as “just” having a site – after all, if it were – wouldn’t the people selling these sites just run them for themselves … :-)


If you do want to dip your toes into the turnkey market you can try this special offer from the Wacky Wednesday team. It’s a complete package of adsense-enabled turnkey sites, with some wordpress templates, and much more for around $5. You will need to upload them to your own webspace, and promote them, but apart from that everything else is there.

These are optimised niche turnkey sites for a variety of subjects that include article based content and adsense ads to earn you revenue. Alter them a little, add some more content, and even consider adding affiliate links for more direct revenue (I recommend searching Commission Junction, ClickBank, or even Amazon) and you’re good to go!

Turnkey, Blog Templates, and Niche-Sites Package.

WordPress is an ideal way to run your own sites with a minimum of effort. There are many plugins available to show ads, accept payments, or even run a store – all from the wonderful back-office that’s built into every wordpress installation.

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