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Mar 29th, 2007 Comments: 1

The Worlds Shortest Marketing Guide

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Just for fun, and just to show how simple to core concepts are, I’ve written The World’s Shortest Marketing Guide, which covers most of the topics within the “Internet Marketing” umbrella in just a sentence each. This is meant to show you how to cut through the lies and exagerations that plague this industry… it really is this simple!

1. How To Make Money Online

-> Create or find an in demand product or service, and ensure potential purchasers find it.

2. How To Optimise Your Site For Search Engines

-> Ensure your webpages have content built around the keywords your potential visitors would use to find you, and make sure they are linked from other sites including search engines, blogs, social sites and directories.

3. How To Build A Mailing List

-> Give people a reason to enter their details into your signup form, and ensure they come across it.

4. How To Write Effective Copy

-> Write, as if to a friend, where you focus on the benefits of the product and appeal to the readers emotions.

5. How To Create An In Demand Product

-> Find out what problems people experience and create a book, tool or service that will help them solve that problem.

6. How To Make Money With AdSense

-> Place optimised high-content websites on the web that include AdSense ads.

7. How To Be An Affiliate

-> Signup for an affiliate program and advertise it to those who may be interested, making sure you stand out from the competiton.

8. How To Run An AdWords Campaign

-> Create effective short ads for non-competitive keywords that lead to a high-converting page.

9. How To Drive Traffic

-> Get your site indexed in the Search Engines while also using other sources such as your affiliates, mailing list, paid advertising, social bookmarking, blog posting, offline marketing, and viral marketing.

10. How To Create A Viral Marketing Campaign

-> Create something people will want to share, while also giving them an incentive to do so.

11. How To Market – Offline

-> Run ads with a freephone number and directing to a website with a short or memorable name in local newspapers, trade magazines, direct mail postcards, business cards, and leaflets.

12. How To Be A Super Affiliate

-> Sign up for a quality, in demand affiliate program with two tiers and concentrate on recruiting other affiliates who are experienced promoters.

13. How To Be A Successful Network Marketer

-> Focus on recruiting (not selling) to potential team-leaders while building your own customer-base as a sideline.

14. How To Earn A Recurring “Autopilot” Income

-> Concentrate on those affiliate programs that pay a monthly commission for every referral, or run your own membership site, paid newsletter, or service.

15. How To Create A Winning High-End Product

-> Give your in-demand product a higher value by producing it as hard-copy Manuals, DVD’s and CD’s and ensuring affiliates also get a high payout.

16. How To Succeede with Private Label Rights

-> Change everything you possibly can with the product including it’s titles, graphics, website and if possible, format.


Have I missed anything? Add your suggestions in the comments!

Now that I’ve giving you a very broad outline of most of the sub-topics with the Internet Marketing genre, perhaps you’d like more detailed information on some lucrative tactics.

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