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Aug 14th, 2008 Comments: 0

Using Squidoo

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I’m experimenting with Squidoo. My first impressions are very favourable.

Squidoo lets you bulld “lenses” on almost any subject. Each lense takes the form of a list of modules, so for example you can have text modules, links, comments, voting, amazon feeds, ebay feeds, youtube videos… and much more.

I’ve already created two lenses – early days yet, but you can take a look to see how they work. And I’d very much appreciate it if you could rate them :)

Internet Marketing Beginners Guide

How To Build An Email List

Some of the modules in these lenses are community enabled, so for example you can add your own tips, vote the links and tips up and down, or leave a comment.

While I wouldn’t use Squidoo as a main site it’s fun and powerful enough to create quick single-subject pages on whatever you fancy. You can earn from your lenses too, from the built in advertising, as well as add your own paying links.

Also, Squidoo lenses can have a good pagerank, so linking your own sites from your lenses has a beneficial effect on your own link rankings. That, and the direct traffic from the squidoo community makes this a great place to expand your website promotion strategies.

Like any site that offers freeform page creation tools I’ve come across many sub-standard pages that are little more than pasted in feeds and some youtube/amazon/links sections. It’s all too easy to do this. If you do decide to make your own lenses please add some real content. It only benefits everyone in the long term…

(If you do try and like Squidoo, you may also want to join the free Squidoo Secrets site.)

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