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Sep 20th, 2008 Comments: 1

Using Vouchers To Increase Sales and Traffic

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Although the web is new technology, many of the techniques and methods we use are simply improvements on those that are used in the “old” world of bricks and mortar stores.

For example – everything from cross-selling, to mailing lists, to promotions have been used in retail stores for decades. The web simply makes everything quicker, cheaper and simpler.

Here’s another technique that has been proven to increase sales and traffic: Vouchers!

These are a special kind of promotion. They’re very familiar to the general public – a user can exchange their voucher for money off a product, or even get a bonus or free product.

In the real world you may find vouchers for, say, 2 for the price of 1 or 50c off a product. They are used by a retailer to get people into their store. They may have a time limit, for short burst of activity. The best part is they cost very little to honour since they are rarely provided at a lost. If for example an extra 100 people use the vouchers to get a dollar off something the retailers loss in potential profits on the item are more than made up by the increased sales of that item.

To put it more simply, take this example: A retailer makes $2 profit on every book sold, and he usually sells 10 of those books a day =  $20 profit. With a voucher offer, he only makes $1 profit per book, but he sells an extra 10. That means he still sells his original 10 books for $20 profit, but increases that by the extra sales to the tune of another $10. Then of course there are the supplementary sales that can be made from the increased visitors to the store.

It’s easy to  take this to the online world. You only need a space at the order form or on the main website to enter a code.

Of course, you could have a special “sales day” where the price is already discounted, but the fact a voucher is given makes the potential purchaser feel more privileged. They see the original price at the website and feel smug with the knowledge that they, and not the general website visitor, will get a special discount. It may even urge people who would not normally buy that product to purchase – especially if they are sitting on the fence.

And – as in the real world store – it will also get more visitors, i.e. more traffic, to the site. That gives you the chance to make extra sales, give you the chance to get more people onto your mailing list, and even find new fans of your site or products.

Basically, a voucher gives people a reason to visit.

You can distribute the voucher codes however you see fit. By e-mail, promoting at other sites, or by your affiliates providing the vouchers themselves.

For an easy way to implemement vouchers try “Voucher Machine”. This desktop software enables you to create voucher codes, one-off codes, expiring codes (great to imply urgency!) and more. I have found Voucher Machine available for just $9.95 as part of a four-pack of software (it comes with Affiliate Promo Machine, Rolodex Poster and Copywriting Automator) here:

Voucher Machine and more with MRR

These come with Master Resale Rights so you can re-sell the software yourself, and you can also earn 100% commissions with the affiliate program.


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