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The Newbies Quick Guide

Here's a quick message to all the Newbies out there.

In the words of Douglas Adams: "DON'T PANIC" !

Seriously, Marketing isn't difficult. If you want to do it all yourself you need to wear a number of hats - but it's not difficult. Everything you need to know is on the Web, you perhaps just want some pointers on where to find it.

I know you might have come here with a vague idea of `making money` using the Internet. I know you might have been bombarded with conflicting ideas, and I know it seems that *everyone* (and his dog) want's to sell you something.

> Important Fact #1
> Don't spend a fortune until you're ready. A hell of a lot can be accomplished without breaking the bank.

Marketing is basically the art of selling. Internet Marketing accomplishes this using the Internet. This means Email and Web Pages.

The great thing about the Internet is that it's easy to reach people who want to buy something from you. You can find customers wherever there's someone sitting at the computer and online. Which means most of the world - but for practicality the English-Speaking World.

There are other ways to make money online, such as running sites that earn via Advertising Revenue, or being part of a MLM or Network Marketing Company. These are not covered in this report, mainly because the income tends to be vary variable, non-existent, or short-lasting. Selling Direct is the way to go! (You can get some extra juicy second incomes later)

> Important Fact #2
> Find Your Market First!

But don't just decide to sell "something". Find out *what* will sell first. Find a group of people who share, for example, a hobby, a pastime, a vocation, or even better - a single-minded crazed obsession. Then find or create something they'd like. It helps if they have a good disposable income, too. And of course you need to be able reach them online.

This is easier than you'd think. Here's some examples: Golf Players, Bird Watchers, Fishermen, Travellers, Health Nuts, Car Nuts, Card Players, Cooks, People Who Want To Make Money... get the idea? For another way to think up groups think about what people desire: Health, Money, Good Looks, Success, Fame, Popularity, Love. Also remember people tend to buy with their hearts, not their heads; so they buy what they want and not what they need. That's why anyone with an obsession is a great target ;-)

Most of the time you can find a ready made product with "resell rights" which means you can sell the product and keep all the profit. Or you can find an "affiliate program" where you only get a percentage of the profit. You can sell hard-products too (books, toys, cars, cds, mobile phones...) and not even touch the finished item. This is known as Drop Shipping. For our purposes the best product of all is "information", which can be delivered as an e-mail or a download and provided in the form of an e-book.

All you need to do after finding a market and a product, is reach that market. That means creating a website that they will find on their own using the Search Engines, advertising on existing websites they use, and advertising via email to lists that they are members of.

> Important Fact #3
> Get Started Now!

Procrastination is the perhaps the biggest problem Newbies face. Don't sit around thinking about it. Do it.

It doesn't matter if your first attempts result in failure. They are still valuable lessons, and you can learn from them.

Brainstorm - right now - and think up some markets. Use Google to see if you can find a product to suit them (ebooks are best - easy to deliver and reproduce). If you can't find one consider creating one, or getting someone to create it for you.

Then throw up a webpage to sell the item you've discovered. If you don't know how to build a website, learn. There are lots of great free website editors out there these days that let you create your site on the fly. The text (or copy) you write on the website, which is a `sales letter`, is far more important than flashy graphics and effects. Write directly to the person you imagine buying your product, exicte them, tell stories, and give them a *great* reason to buy.

> Important Fact #4
> Your Site Is Your Storefront

You don't have traditional shops running a business this way. You have a website. And unlike a traditional bricks-and-mortar store it's best to stick to one product (per site). The sites job is to convince the visitor to buy, and give them an easy way to order.

Your site can also do other profit-building tasks, such as display adverts from other people and get the e-mail addresses of people who visit for future sales. Your customer is for life! This all contributes to the money pot. We tend to call these "Income Streams". Building a lot of income streams over time WILL create your fortune.

I've skimmed the surface for you in this letter. My goal is to get you excited and take away your worries. You Can Make Money - but you have to start somewhere. Ignore the hype and build solid foundations and you'll be around to enjoy the fruits of success :-)

Thanks for Reading,
From Stuart Reid
* *

Appendix: Summaries and Helpful Links

The Six Steps of Success:

Remember - We publish an Internet Marketing Blog at this very site, with YEARS of articles to help you succeed. Simply visit our blog at and browse the articles, look at the "Best Of" (link in top bar) or use the search function to find what you need to know.

1. Find Your Market

2. Research A Product: visit forums, join email lists, search Google
Delphi Forums

3. Create A Website: use a strong headline, describe the products benefits, use a product image, offer a sample; ecourse or free book for the visitors e-mail address, provide an easy way to order, provide a guarantee, incorporate paid ads such as Google Adsense.
But you don't need a paid solution - start with Wordpress!

4. Promote The Site: visit forums, pay for ads on Google, send paid ads to email lists, provide free content and articles and a Blog at your site for the search engines to index, recruit affiliates to sell for you.
All Our Traffic/Promotion Tips

5. Follow Up Sales: reguarly provide free information to your email list and paid products, offer upgrades at the point of sale, use an Autoresponder.

6. Repeat.

Tools and Services Needed:

1. A Computer and Internet Connection

2. Website Designer Software

3. A Site Host

4. An Autoresponder

5. A Graphics Program

6. An Ebook Compiler / PDF Compiler or, for PDF, use FreePDFConvert

Recommended "All In One" Solutions:
(These take you step-by-step in detail)

1. Site Build It!

2. Marketing Dashboard

3. Action Grid

4. Free 120 Part eCourse

5. The #1 Complete Beginners Course On The Web! New $2.95 Trial Offer:
The Insiders Secrets To Marketing On The Internet

6. Web Boot Camp

7. Quick Niche Profits

Skills Needed (only if you intend to do it ALL yourself!):

Also Read This!

1. Copy/Ad writing

2. Website Design
--> - unless you go with Wordpress or another CMS (Content Managent System) solution.

3. Graphics Design

4. Writing (Articles, Products)
--> The 7 Day Ebook

5. Tech Skills: FTP, Cpanel, Site Maintenance

6. Tech Skills: Script Installation (i.e. Autoresponder, Affiliate, Membership scripts etc)

Further Reading:

1. Interviews with Top Marketers

2. Top Marketing Forums

3. Our Marketing Blog

4. Free Ebooks

5. Affiliate Clasroom

6. Newbie Club

7. Free Memberships and Downloads

8. The #1 Complete Beginners Course On The Web! New $2.95 Trial Offer:
The Insiders Secrets To Marketing On The Internet

9. Our Free Marketing Library
Instant Marketing Library

More Tips
And check the Blog for the latest.

(C) Stuart Reid,
You can reproduce this article in any form as long as the (C) Message and all links are included.

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